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hermleThe German company HERMLE manufactures advanced milling machinery that is used in the manipulation of metals. It partners with a diverse spectrum of clients, supplying full training and support for all users of its equipment.

Pioneering precision milling machinery since 1938

Maschinenfabrik Berthold HERMLE AG is a manufacturer of milling machines, with a policy of focusing on high performance, innovative installations. Berthold HERMLE AG was founded in 1938 by Berthold Hermle as a manufacturer of bolt and screw machinery, but soon branched out into other areas. The production of milling machines commenced in 1957, and by 1972, HERMLE had perfected its popular universal tool milling machine. Since then, the firm has built new factories, opened worldwide subsidiaries and pioneered flexible working to counteract economic downturns without cutting jobs. The firm's flexible approach, based around the idea of a "breathing enterprise" then allowed it to weather the economic problems after 2008 with ease. Its general success is shown by the fact that 22,000 HERMLE milling machines have been installed across the world. The firm employs 800 people at its major manufacturing facility in the German town of Gosheim, and has operations across the world, with a training and servicing facility in Franklin, Wisconsin that supplies American customers. The firm's products are used in a wide variety of fields, including the  medical sector, motor racing, model-making and light industry. At their headquarters, HERMLE AG also provides full support for users of its milling machinery, with CNC training as well as a comprehensive maintenance and support service.


HERMLE Machines

The range of products manufactured by HERMLE machine company includes:

  • C12 cubic parts manufacturing centres
  • C22 4-side machining centres
  • C32, C42, C50, C60, C400 5-side machining centres
  • Automated machining installations
  • Integrated milling and turning machines
  • Control units

HERMLE AG works with many different kinds of company and organization. It partners with everything from automobile and motor racing firms to medical equipment manufacturers. Any organization that requires precision milling and turning of metals would be a suitable client.