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heesemannThe German firm HEESEMANN manufactures sanding machines to process wood, metals, stone and veneer products. The company focuses closely on innovation and efficiency, consistently applying new technology to sanding machinery.


Manufacturing advanced sanding machines since 1933

Karl HEESEMANN Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG are experts in manufacturing sanding machines for the edges, surfaces and profiles of materials. The company was founded by Karl HEESEMANN in 1933 when he was just 24 years old. HEESEMANN saw that there was a need for efficient belt sanding machines, but he had to wait until the late 1940s before market conditions made his designs a success. In 1951, the firm made a major leap forwards in sanding technology with is BN1 model, which was the first of its type to allow the sanding of lacquered surfaces. Advanced profile sanders followed in the 1950s, as well as automatic long-belt sanders and double belt sanders - all of which sparked a rush of exports as wood-working firms outside Germany started to realize the quality of HEESEMANN machinery. The 1960s witnessed further innovation, with the introduction of cross-sanding machines with both vertical and horizontal sanding belts, which was followed in 1972 by an electronically controlled, precision sanding centre.

Pushing forward with innovation, and delivering precision sanding

The firm continued to push the boundaries of sanding technology, achieving levels of tolerance that had not been seen before - all the time trying to increase energy efficiency as well. By 1987, HEESEMANN Maschinenfabrik had introduced a pressure beam that was electromagnetically regulated, to automatically adjust to the size of the piece being processed, while the 90s found the company redesigning its machining centres and creating ways of dealing with irregularly shaped pieces. Since 2000, the firm has continued to research new sanding technologies, bringing to market advanced laser detection methods and highly-efficient water-cooled servomotors. With this kind of innovation, HEESEMANN continues to deliver precision sanding services and easy to use, efficient machining centres for customers located across the world.

The HEESEMANN product portfolio

The range of products manufactured by HEESEMANN Maschinenfabrik includes:

  • Surface sanding machines
  • Edge sanding machines
  • 3D processing machines
  • Metal sanding machines
  • Specialist sanding machinery for concave and convex surfaces
  • Automatic sanding machining centres
  • Dust removing machines

HEESEMANN machinery, and particularly HEESEMANN sander, is used by firms that require precise materials processing. Primary clients include wood-working firms such as furniture manufacturers, but the firm also works with stone-masonry companies such as kitchen installers, as well as those who require veneer and metal sanding services.