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Komatsu HANOMAG is a German traditional company, which goes by the name HANOMAG. Today, the name is associated with high-quality construction machines.

The HANOMAG - Yesterday and Today

In 1835, the "Maschinenfabrik und Eisengießerei Georg Egestorff" was founded in Hanover and specialized in producing machine tools and steam engines. Ten years later, their production was expanded to include the locomotive. In 1871, the company HANOMAG Hannover was renamed, "Hannoversche Maschinenbau-Aktien-Gesellschaft", in short: HANOMAG. In 1924 to 1959, the company mainly produced haulers, lorries and automobiles. At the end of the 1950s, HANOMAG introduced the first wheel loader. Over the following years, HANOMAG was shaken by several economic crises, which meant that it was bought out several times. In 1989, KOMATSU Ltd. took over this company from Hamburg, and started producing wheel loaders. Several years later, the company name was changed to KOMATSU HANOMAG. It's product range includes wheel loaders and other construction machines. In 2004 and 2005, The European Technology Center and the development and production of mobile excavators took place in Hannover.

Their Product Portfolio

High-end, quality products for construction and industrial branches, with an above-average level of robustness and reliability are produced in the German city of Hanover. Hannomag product portfolio includes:

Their products are constantly being developed in order to ensure that their machines are all considered new technology. Ergonomics and environmental production are always in the foreground. Additionally, Komatsu HANOMAG also provides a large offer of original attachments that can be used in every industrial sector. The “Working Gear” department meets special requirements and develops custom made machines and attachments, that can withstand all types of conditions. Just like all other machines, these are very reliable when operating at their highest capacity.