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gibenBased out of Bologna, Italy, GIBEN International S.p.A. has operated as a manufacturer in the woodworking industry, offering wooden panel sizing, beam saws, panel saws, angular saws and panel sizing systems since 1947.



GIBEN International is divided into five divisions: Sizing Division, CNC Division, Edge Division, Special Project Division and Graphic Division. 
The Sizing Division manufactures panel saws for woodworking as well as panel sizing machines, angular systems and cutting centers. One of their most popular products is the GP 305, a sliding table saw. The CNC Division manufactures CNC machines, which are used for woodworking. The Edge Division produces machines used to edge out angles on woodworking projects. 
The Special Projects Division specializes in the design of “ready to use” solutions for the cutting industry. It also specializes in solutions in the storage systems and the integration of information for the production process.
Finally, GIBEN’s Graphic Division produces amongst others cutting systems and industrial ink-jet printers. These are printing machines used to enable the customer to put his idea into a clear-cut design.
GIBEN is partners with Anderson Group America, a global enterprise that is the leading supplier of industrial CNC Routers for the woodworking, plastics, graphic and sign and composite materials sectors. 

GIBEN Product Portfolio

GIBEN has several companies it has developed including GIBEN America Inc. Based un Georgia, GIBEN America specializes in panel sizing equipment and serves clients in the USA, Canada and Mexico.