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Austrian company FRONIUS is a world-leader in manufacturing chargers for vehicle batteries, inverters for solar grids and high performance welding equipment. It is active across the world, and has a strong focus on innovation in sustainable energy.

Developing new products in the energy and welding sectors since 1945

Metalworking and energy firm FRONIUS was founded by Günter Fronius in 1945 in the Austrian town of Pettenbach. Although the firm initially worked on the production of transformers, expansion quickly followed, with the firm taking a significant role in the welding market after the war. FRONIUS also continued to develop new sources of electricity and superconductors, unveiling the world's first transistor-switched battery in 1981, which reduced the size of power sources considerably. This was applied to the firm's core welding business, and allowed FRONIUS to introduce quicker, more portable welding equipment during the 1980s. The company also expanded, with a facility in Turkey and new plants in the Ukraine and Czech Republic opening in the 1990s. At the same time, the company created a sales network with offices across Europe, and the firm expanded still further - introducing solar photovoltaics and battery charging systems to its product portfolio. This led to award winning products such as the firm's Solarix solar inverter, and to the Success through Research award from Austria's Industrial Research Promotion Fund. FRONIUS continued innovating into the new millennium, with the introduction of laser welding machines, more powerful conventional welding systems and smaller solar inverters to be used in large power grids. The firm also opened its first sales facility in the USA, as the firm worked to integrate its energy experience into vehicle charging systems. This focus on sustainability extended into the development of the first carbon neutral logistics system, and to FRONIUS joining the WWF's Climate Group, a sign of its future corporate direction.

The FRONIUS product portfolio

The kinds of products manufactured by FRONIUS include:

  • Solar inverters
  • Solar energy grid monitoring equipment
  • Logistics systems
  • Arc welding units
  • Chargers for welding units
  • Laser welding technology
  • Plasma welding machine
  • Battery chargers for traction batteries
  • Battery chargers for starter batteries

FRONIUS partners with firms and governments across the world, delivering energy based solutions. Its clients include vehicle manufacturers, airlines, metalworking firms, and municipal utilities.