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The company FORTE Sägetechnik GmbH is located in Baden-Württemberg and was able to establish itself on the European market for innovative automatic band sawing machines. FORTE is not only represented in many areas and countries, but actively seeks the immediate proximity of clients at different trade fairs.

The corporate history of FORTE Sägetechnik GmbH

Today, FORTE Sägetechnik GmbH is active all over Europe, but it is rooted in the year 1950 when a machine factory was founded. Over the years, FORTE GmbH recognized the need for an innovative band sawing technology, and hence began a pronounced specialization process. Metal in its different variations was at the center of attention in all developments. The company emphasizes research and development, and that leads to the emergence of premium machines as well as coherent and holistic solutions and concepts. Another focus is the customer service and FORTE addresses this aspect of its business with its outstanding spare parts supply. All of this contributed over the years to the secure establishment of FORTE as a specialist for automatic band sawing machines in the metal working industry. The company has locations in Italy, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Great Britain, Czech Republic and France.

Service focus

With the dual column band saws, FORTE GmbH implements its own high standards for innovation, quality and reliability. Extremely precise adherence to production tolerance and the application of high-quality materials contribute to the exceptional quality standards of machines that require little maintenance. The development of adequate concepts and holistic and coherent solutions are at the center of the company's attention. Sawing plants that also include cross feed magazines and components for waste management are controlled with the SPS-Siemens-Technology. It is possible to adjust these machines to the particular requirements of individual clients.

FORTE GmbH Products Portfolio

  • Dual column band saws