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C. & E. Fein GmbH have been manufacturing compact, easy to use power tools and machines since the 1860s, and continue to produce a range of tools that are used by metal workingconstruction and vehicle manufacturers, amongst many other clients.

One of Germany's leading power tool manufacturing companies

C. & E. FEIN GmbH is a German manufacturer of power tools for professional uses. FEIN was founded in 1867 by Wilhelm Emil Fein as a manufacturer of electrical tools, and received a boost when Wilhelm's son, Emil, invented the world's first electrical hand drill in 1895. This launched the company into the first rank of German tool manufacturers, with products such as power drills and jigsaws equipped with movable shafts revolutionizing the way that professional craftsmen operated. The post-war period saw further innovations, with C. & E. Fein GmbH leading the way in some of the most advanced sectors of the economy, such as underwater drilling and the development of oscillating cutting tools. The 1990s and 2000s saw the firm developing more compact, increasingly efficient and portable drills, screwdrivers and hammers which delivered the same power but with more convenience and energy efficiency, reflecting the firm's continuing drive for technological development.

Made in Germany, sold across the world

All of FEIN's production remains in Germany, but the company has expanded across the world, with 20 subsidiaries and 50 distributors ensuring that the company's products will be accessible on all continents. The company is a major employer, with more than 900 employees, and is also a prolific accumulator of industrial patents, a product of its extensive research and development efforts. FEIN positions itself as a reliable manufacturer of efficient and lightweight power tools for industries as diverse as metal working, automobile construction and home-building, and is committed to working as closely as possible with its customers too ensure that they achieve the results that they desire. Some of the firm's flagship products include elegantly made cordless drills as well as adaptable "multi-master" tools which can be enhanced with a variety of attachments, and features the firm's advanced oscillation reduction technology. These kind of products reflect FEIN machine's stated goal to make their power tools as user-friendly and precise as possible, goals that the company says are drawn from their experience and German roots.

C. & E. Fein GmbH Product Portfolio

The range of tools and accessories produced by FEIN includes:

  • Cordless drills
  • Multi-master versatile tools
  • Rotary drills
  • Tappers
  • Metal core drills
  • Tek screwdrivers
  • Drywall/deck screwdrivers
  • Impact wrenches
  • Compact, angle and die angle grinders
  • Polishers
  • Dust extractors
  • Pipe milling machines
  • Slitting and sheet metal sheers
  • Surface finishing tools

The products manufactured by C. & E. Fein GmbH are diverse and suited to many different applications. Many of the firm's clients are metal-working firms, but construction and automobile manufacturing companies are also major partners. Practical applications also include ship-building and dry-wall installation in new homes.