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ESAB is based in Karben, Hesse (Germany) and is a developer, manufacturer and distributor of fully automated CNC shape cutting machines and programming systems for machines. It provides machines for all thermal cutting processes and all common marking processes.

The history of the company ESAB

In 1904 Oscar Kjellberg founded the company Elektriska Svetsnings Aktiebolaget (ESAB) in Gothenburg, Sweden. At the beginning ESAB was focused on repair in the shipbuilding sector and only twenty years later, in 1921, a German subsidiary was founded in Berlin focusing on electrodes and machines. Before the Second World War, ESAV Cutting Systems GmbH introduced submerged-arc welding processes and in 1953 the company had already found its top priority to be welding machines. In 1968 ESAB presented the A20, one of the first orbital welding plants for recuperators and Karben has been the manufacturing base for the company's cutting sector since 1975. The ESAB Group exists since 1989 when the industry leaders L-TEC Welding & Cutting Systems, Alloy Rods Corporation, All-State Welding Products, ESAB Automation and ESAB Welding Products all teamed up. Over the years, ESAB also merged with Hancock and took over Filarc Deutschland and the German Software developer Atas. The ESAB Group belongs to the Colfax Corporation and employs more than 8,400 people globally and more than 190 people in Germany.

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products

ESAB produces mainly filler metals and welding equipment for use in the oil, gas and steel industry, metalworking and in engineering. ESAB welding and cutting products are being used in shipbuilding, civil construction, pipe mills, energy generation, marine equipment, process industry and vehicle construction. The products are being developed and manufactured according to constant, market-driven enhancements in order to improve the cutting processes of flat plates and panels made of metal, steel and titanium. Center stage products at ESAB are CNC plasma cutting systems with the patented precision hole technology.

Production Portfolio

  • ESAB Cutting Systems (plasma cutting, oxy-fuel cuttinglaser cutting, waterjet cutting, plate marking, bevel cutting)
  • ESAB Cutting Machines (straight line cutters, shipyard panel lines, single torch pattern cutter, CNC, shape cutting, precision plasma cutting and others)
  • Controls
  • Software Systems (two types, for programming, nesting and managing production data)
  • Components (cutting and marking tools)