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  • Founded in  1964
  • Located in Bavaria
  • Specialty: Garden machinery and woodworking
  •  Website:

einhall quality

EINHELL Tools is the leading German manufacturer of garden products, chainsaws and tools for home and professional use. EINHELL Germany AG is based in Landau an der Isar, Bavaria (Germany) and operates worldwide with numerous subsidiaries and a network of sales representatives.

The history of the EINHELL company

When EINHELL first joined the market in 1964, its founder Hans Einhell focused on the production of built-to-order electrical engineering, especially transformers. It was only in the years to follow that the company also manufactured tools and garden products, such as battery chargers and welding equipment. In the mid-1970s, EINHELL Bavaria extended its production to a plant in Spain and in 1987 it was listed at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the name Hans EINHELL AG. The advancing globalization allowed EINHELL to further expand its production to Asia. This is also the reason why EINHELL can provide high-quality tools with an effective price advantage of 30 – 50 percent compared to other high-quality producers in the same sector. The successful development and distribution of its products continuously allows the formation of increasing numbers of subsidiaries in other countries. Since 2008 the company is registered as EINHELL Germany AG and it celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2014 with the introduction of the innovative product range Power X-Change, a one-battery-fits all system for power tools and garden products.

EINHELL germany

EINHELL Tools & Products

EINHELL has more than 1,400 employees worldwide working with a product range of approximately 3,500 items of high quality at affordable prices. The production range is divided into two business segments - tools and garden – and also includes a wide variety of car accessories and components.

Some of EINHELL Production Portfolio

EINHELL - GE-TM 102 B&S Lawn tractor
  • Pneumatic Tools (compressors)
  • EINHELL Power Tools (cordless screwdrivers, drywall screw guns, impact drilling machines, grinders and others)
  • Cleaning Machines (heat guns, high-pressure cleaner and others) 
  • Autochoke Engines (chainsaws, lawn trimmers, brush cutters, multi-function tools and others)
  • Watering Equipment (immersion pumps, water pumps and others)
  • Woodworking saws (table saw, mitre saw, circular saw and scroll saw)
  • Heating Equipment (electric, diesel and gas heating equipment)
  • Woodworking Equipment (Jig Saw for firewood, wood splitter, planing machines)
  • Air Conditioning