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Doosan logoDOOSAN is a large corporation that has its main offices in Korea. In addition to many subsidiary companies, including DOOSAN Infracore Construction Equipment, spread out around the world, the organisation also has a branch in Germany. Construction machinery is the aptitude of DOOSAN, as an organization manager, you must be acquainted with this brand. Having a DOOSAN machine at the construction site is very nearly an absolute necessity have. You might likewise realize that purchasing another DOOSAN excavator may be a touch out of achieve cash savvy for most organizations. One extraordinary arrangement is purchasing an second hand DOOSAN loader or some other construction equipment at industrial auctions. you can get an used DOOSAN machine as a part of the portion of the cost and the same solid machine with the statures generation guidelines.


DOOSAN Construction Machinery

DOOSAN Corporation was founded in Seoul in 1896 as a retail business. Their success only really started in 1946, when their first department store was opened. Several years later the company had the idea to produce their own products and sell them. In the 1960s, DOOSAN Group engaged in several different sectors, like the food industry, mechanical engineering and construction. The company's multifaceted nature is not only responsible for DOOSAN being the oldest corporation in Korea, but also that it is the leading company in the country. It is one of the 400 biggest companies worldwide.

DOOSAN other Ventures

DOOSAN Infracore Co. Ltd. has about 10 subsidiary companies including: DOOSAN Hydro Technology (formally known as American Engineering Services); DOOSAN Engine Motorenbau; DOOSAN Babcock Energy; and BOBCAT. This corporation is one of the leaders in the area of fresh water treatment plants. DOOSAN Corp. holds second place worldwide in production of large-scale ship engines and copper alloys, which they produce themselves. They have high-reaching future goals, like how the corporation wants to increase their turnover by 30%. This means that they will need to invest more in product development, innovation and technology.

This corporation's most important consumer products

This corporation's product portfolio is very comprehensive, and is reflected in their offer of consumer goods. For example, areas of daily life are covered by:

  • DOOSAN heavy industries and construction equipment
  • Techpack
  • Packaging materials
  • DOOSAN capital and financial services
  • SRS restaurant operators
  • Sales companies

What DOOSAN Germany offers

DOOSAN Germany mainly provides customers with innovative storage technology solutions and equipment. The following types of DOOSAN machines are available:

Further more, special designs of specific auxiliary equipment are also available.

Doosan DX140LC-5 Crawler Excavator
Doosan DX140LC-5 Crawler Excavator
Doosan DA30-5 Articulated Dump Truck
Doosan DA30-5 Articulated Dump Truck
Doosan DL200-5 Wheel Loader
Doosan DL200-5 Wheel Loader