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DEUTZ is a well-established traditional company,
that has specialised in producing engines for various sectors. Since
it was founded, this company's name has stood for innovative and
high-end, market-driven technologies.

DEUTZ AG – A company with a long tradition

Nicolaus Eugen Otto and Eugen Langen founded the
first engine factory in 1864 and named it “N.A. Otto & Cie”.
This small facility was located in the old city of Cologne can be
regarded as the cornerstone of today's company, DEUTZ. Nowadays,
DEUTZ has 5,500 employees and operates in 130 countries. DEUTZ has
undoubtedly become on of the leading engine manufacturers.

DEUTZ AG – A vision and a mission

Since it's beginning, the company's vision was to
create “the most successful engine system in the world”. In 1864,
this company was the first engine manufacturer in the world and it
has always aimed to keep a leading position. Customers of this
company's products can benefit from market-driven technologies,
complete solutions and great customer services. Their mission is to
always enhance their engines through passion, pioneering spirit and
innovative strength. This is why they are now regarded as the leader
in environmentally friendly engines and efficient technologies.
Quality and reliable service is guaranteed at DEUTZ.

Every requirement can be met

In the future, DEUTZ want to be remembered as the
market leader and this is reflected in their product portfolio. They

  • Mobile machines
  • Gen sets
  • Engines for vehicles
  • Engines for ships
  • Engines for farm equipment
  • Components for engines

DEUTZ AG has also developed environmental friendly
technologies, like bio-fuels, hybrid vehicles and electronic
displays. The company didn't find the emissions reduction regulations
introduced in 1996 as a burden, but as a challenge. Their diverse
product range is rounded off by their offer of original components.
Amongst other things, primary fuel filters, oil filters, air filters
and pistons are also available.