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DECKEL company logoThe enterprise Friedrich DECKEL AG was founded in Munich and existed from 1903 to 1994 as an independent manufacturer of machine tools and camera shutters. In the end, the company was acquired by DMG Mori Seiki AG. Getting a used DECKEL milling machine can be a good solution for businesses who doesn't want or don't have the cash flow to buy a new DECKEL machine. If you buy a used DECKEL milling machine at industrial auction you can be rest assured that you will get a DECKEL standards when it comes to production and durability

The corporate history of the Friedrich DECKEL AG

DECKEL FP 4 M tool room milling machine
DECKEL FP 4 M tool room milling machine

Before the name giver Friedrich DECKEL joined forces with Chrstian Bruns in order to establish the company Bruns & DECKEL in Munich in 1903, he gathered extensive working experience as laboratory technician at ZEISS and directly with Ernst Abbe. With the compound shutter, it was possible to produce and place the first invention of his company on the market. The split with Bruns led to the rebranding of the Friedrich DECKEL GmbH that registered renowned companies such as Carl Zeiss, Bausch & Lomb as well as Alfred Gauthier as shareholders in 1910. For his innovations, DECKEL required precision machine tools that he himself developed and manufactured. This branch of his enterprise took on an even more important role in the company's structure as years went by. In the 1950's, the company achieved worldwide recognition with its milling machines. The Friedrich DECKEL Präzisionsmechanik und Maschinenbau KG (Friedrich DECKEL Precision Mechanics and Machine Engineering limited partnership) made it to the fourth rank among German mechanical engineers, so that it was possible to rebrand the company as Friedrich Deckel AG (Inc.) in 1972. The merger into the DECKEL Maho AG in 1993 was not successful and due to the bankruptcy the following year, the company ended up to be fully absorbed in what is known today as the DMG Mori Seiki corporation. The machine concept is being continued under the name DECKEL-Maho-Gildemeister (DMG).

Popularity of Used DECKEL Metalworking Machinery

These days, to get a classic DECKEL lathe or grinder is possible only at the second hand industrial market. Fortunately, theses machines were so popular that used DECKEL metalworking machinery is still available for purchase. Used DECKEL machinery is one of the most durable and reliable metalworking machinery ever made, this is the one of the reasons they are popular. 

DECKEL Machine Tools Service focus

Aside from various camera shutters developed and manufactured by the Friedrich DECKEL AG up to the year 1976, it was possible to place many innovative machine tools on the market. It is particularly the milling machines of the FP-series that are considered of exceptional quality and that can be universally used. With its open construction and its manifold accessories, this machine is custom-built to the needs of the clients and the specific production orders. The current portfolio of the company includes all further developments, representing an assortment of products for the sophisticated demand.

DECKEL Machine Tools Production Portfolio Example: