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caseih-logoAs the tractor brand of the Dutch CNH GLOBAL B.V., CASE IH was originally developed through the CASE CORPORATION's acquisition of INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER in 1984. Since then, the brand name CASEIH and New Holland represent agricultural machines, and CASE CE and NEW HOLLAND CONSTRUCTION are responsible for producing and distributing construction machines.


CNH Industrial successfully produces a range of different agricultural and construction machines under various brand names. The tractor brand, CASE IH, and various loaders, excavators and bulldozers are the most common. All of these used CASE IH machinery and equipment can be found right here on industrial auctions at TradeMachines.

CASE IH Company History

CASE IH Planting & Seeding
CASE IH Planting & Seeding

CASE CE stands for “CASE Construction Equipment” and was founded in 1842 by Jerome I. Case. In 1869, they started manufacturing construction machinery and this when their long history started. CASE Equipment started to work internationally in 1977, when they took over 40% of the French company, PROCLAIN, who was a producer of excavators. CASE INTERNATONAL completely took over the company in 1988, and in 1999 they were taken over by FIAT Industries and changed their orientation completely. The brand CASE CE is the third-biggest manufacturer of construction machines worldwide.

Some of CASE IH Product Offering

Wheel loader
Backhoe loader
Articulated dump trucks
Telescopic handlers
Combine harvesters

CASEIH is the agricultural brand of the CASE CORPORATION and it increased its product range in 1995 to include direct sowing machines, when CONCORD Inc. was taken over. This transaction was followed by the acquisition of AUSTOFT Holdings Ltd., who produced harvesting machines for sugar cane, and STEYR DAIMLER
PUCH, that started producing tractors under the brand name STEYR in 1996. The acquisition of the German “FORTSCHRITT LANDMASCHINEN GmbH” completed their portfolio in 1997.

CASE IH Combine harvesting
CASE IH Combine harvesting

CNH GLOBAL was formed in 1999 as a joint stock company, created through the merge between CASE and NEW HOLLAND, before FIAT Industrial took over 90%. CNC Industrial, which emerged out of this transition, advanced to become the second largest agricultural machine manufacturer worldwide. The production facilities in Belleville and Paris (France), as well as St. Valentin (Austria) supply the European market with CASEIH tractors.