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buettfering logoPart of the HOMAG GroupBÜTFERING has been producing high-quality sanding machines for over half a century. Their products are used by woodworking companies across the globe. As part of a successful and famous group of companies, BÜTFERING  is offering only the best in machinery, and you can see it in the price. Getting a used BÜTFERING sanding machine can help you reduce the costs and get you a good conditioned machinery as BÜTFERING have all of the standards of the mother company. Used BÜTFERING  sanding machines is very popular in the second hand machine market with it's name follow before it.


BÜTFERING - WEEKE Bohrsysteme GmbH

Brothers Franz and Anton Bütfering founded the BÜTFERING Schleiftechnik GmbH company in Germany in 1946, employing an initial workforce of twelve men. Manufacturing chain routers, mitre saws and veneer presses, the company expanded rapidly and eventually, as the sixties dawned, began to specialise in the production of wide abrasive belt sanders for which they are now internationally renowned.

In 1989, BÜTFERING GmbH developed the electronically controlled segmented pressure pad. Innovations such as this allowed the company to grow still further and expand into new areas such as China and South East Asia.

BÜTFERING became part of the HOMAG Group in 2002, a move which helped the company become the market leader in the production of the wide abrasive belt sander. Despite the substantial expansion of BÜTFERING, the company's leaders still maintain the original philosophy of customer satisfaction at all times.


BÜTFERING SWT100 belt sanding machie
BÜTFERING SWT100 belt sanding machine

BÜFTERING utilises state of the art technology in the manufacture of their products. Their renowned wide belt sanding machines come in a variety of models and much more:

  • SWT 100 
  • SWT 200 
  • SWT 300 
  • SWT 500 
  • SWT 700 
  • SWT 900

The models move up in class, from the SWT 100 which provides an excellent introduction to the world of professional sanding, up to the top of the range SWT 900 which meets the requirements of the most demanding of customers.

In addition, BÜTFERING produce state of the art patented pad systems and heads such as:

  • Magnetic pad system
  • Electro-pneumatic pad
  • Air cushion sanding pad

and much more.