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  • Boxer SSV300

    Italy | Acqui Terme

    Year of Make: 2017

    4,500 € $ 5,522 £ 3,967 CHF 5,278 ₹ 352,191 C$ 6,861 ₴ 158,686 18,737 zł R 67,122 ₨ 611,662 20,958 lei ₽ 312,584 ₦ 1,992,945 Mex$ 102,725



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    The machines from the brand BOXER, that are made by MERTZ MANUFACTURE, Oklahoma, and COMPACT POWER EQUIPMENT, South Carolina, follow the moto, "Big Power in all Places", in order to determine the best relationship between weight and power.

    The history of BOXER's products

    The history of Mertz Manufacture starts in 1927, when it was founded. Traditionally, the company grew with their development, production and international sales of machines for heavy industry, particularly the mining industry. MERTZ are specialists for hydraulic machines, and they worked together with COMPACT POWER EQUIPMENT, a specialist for light industry, to tap into a new market with their BOXER-range in 2000. The differently dimensioned and robust wheel loaders are particularly suited for heavy-duty work in restricted spaces.

    Range of products

    In addition to large machines, equipment for mining and hydraulic machines, the compact wheel loaders in the various BOXER ranges conquer the international market. Their product ranges are optimally constructed to create a lot of power, even though they are relatively light. This means that, for example, the model 322D (weighing only 860kg) can move 600kg around. The BOXER wheel loader is particularly easy to use, because if the driver leaves the machine, the machine stops. The turning, the rubber track chassis and its light weight, means that the BOXER is applicable in a variety of areas and is a particularly economic wheel loader.

    Product portfolio