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Robert BOSCH GmbH

Robert BOSCH is a manufacturer of used goods, industry and building technology, and a supplier of the automobile sector.  BOSCH Tools company is also the lead runner in the area of automated packaging technology.

An exploration into the company’s history

The company history of BOSCH begins in November 1886, when the "Werkstätte für Feinmechanik und Elektrotechnik" was founded in the city of Stuttgart-West. Around one year later, BOSCH Germany produced its first low-voltage magneto ignition for gas engines. 20 years later the first magneto ignition for cars was developed. The first factory was opened in Stuttgart in 1901. In 1910, BOSCH Engineering founded the “Werk Feuerbach” near Stuttgart. This company has been a limited company since 1917. After the second world war, the company went into a partnership with DENSO, a Japanese group. The most important products designed by the Robert BOSCH is the “Lambda-Sonde”, the first electronic anti-lock braking system (in short called ABS), electric steering, traction control, the xenon light for cars, electric stability control (ESC), direct injection for gasoline and the common rail diesel injection.

Robert BOSCH GmbH: Areas of Expertise

BOSCH is the largest international, independent supplier of motor vehicles, which ensures that driving vehicles is always becoming cleaner, safer and more economic. In the area of used goods, the company provides a large supply of products and solutions for power tools and household goods. Industrial technology supports BOSCH Bosch Tool Corporation with innovative uses for steering and engine technology, as well as packaging technology. Bocsh  energy and building technology branches contain a comprehensive range of products and solutions for thermo technology, security technology and solar energy.

A look into BOSCH's product range

The Robert BOSCH GmbH contains one of the widest, unparalleled range of products.  Bosch Power Tools:

  • Components and accessories for vehicles
  • Original equipment for vehicles
  • Electric mobility solutions
  • Electric tools for hobbyists, hand workers and industry
  • Garden machines
  • Household machines
  • Devices for heating and warm water
  • Sensors for consumer electronics
  • Safety system
  • Packaging technology
  • Thin layered modules and silicone solar cells for photovoltaics
  • Solar inverters for small and large machines
  • Emergency and telemedicine solutions
  • Software solutions for Business Rules
  • Management, Business Process Management and industrial solutions