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Baeuerle company logoThe German firm BÄUERLE manufactures advanced paper manipulation machinery which includes paper insertion, folding and creasing devices for use in the administrative and printing sectors.

MB BÄUERLE Leads in Professional Paper Processing

BÄUERLE Fold System
BÄUERLE Fold System

MB BÄUERLE was founded by German clockmaker Matthais BÄUERLE in 1863, but became the paper processing company that it is today in the 1950s. As post-war Germany took off economically, the firm began producing efficient paper-manipulation machinery that became popular in factories and offices across the country. During the 1970s, BÄUERLE pioneered automated folding machinery, and further developed its sophisticated paper folding technology with the introduction of computer controlled buckle folding equipment in 1990. The 1990s saw the firm introduce more new techniques, such as compute controlled folder production, and the company continued to innovate, creating multi-purpose paper manipulation systems which can handle many different formats of paper. During the 2000s, BÄUERLE pushed forward the limits of paper processing, developing devices that can process 23,000 documents per hour, pitching them at large administrative organizations, and introduced products which made mass mailings increasingly efficient. This cemented BÄUERLE's position as one of the most forward-thinking firms in the world of paper processing technology.

MB BÄUERLE- custom-built paper processing equipment

bauerle inserting system
bauerle inserting system

The firm concentrates on making post-press paper handling as simple as possible for operators to manage. This means concentrating closely on ensuring that processes are as automated as possible, are easy to set up and maintain, and require as little staff training as possible. Modular design techniques are also used by BÄUERLE to produce custom-built paper processing centres which precisely meet the needs of their clients. The firm has expanded across the world, with sales outlets operating in 60 countries. These representatives work hand in hand with clients to ensure that every aspect of their paper processing needs is met. Along with its current range of machines, BÄUERLE also offers a huge selection of second hand machines, as well as devices produced by other manufacturers. The firm has also created effective partnerships with global electronics giants such as Canon and Xerox, ensuring that BÄUERLE's technology is an instrumental part of offices and factories across the world, even if the company itself is not a household name.

Used BÄUERLE Processing Machines

Used BÄUERLE folding and paper processing machines are a valuable solution for starting business. If you want to provide mailing or paper processing, this service then BÄUERLE machines are for you. As a world renowned manufacturer of this type of machines they are expensive. Used BÄUERLE machines can give you the cheap solution for paper processing machines. Due to top quality of machines buy BÄUERLE, even used machines are good to be used for a long time. 

The BÄUERLE product portfolio

The range of products manufactured by BÄUERLE is wide and includes among others:

The products manufactured by BÄUERLE are used by organizations that require large amounts of paper processing, using techniques like folding and professional creasing. Their partners could include corporate offices, communication firms and printers as well as public bodies.