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AUSA is a Spanish firm which produces industrial vehicles, as well as equipment for agriculture and municipal uses. It has a worldwide presence and is an industry leader in dumper and forklift vehicles.

A leading industrial vehicle manufacturer which focuses on people

AUSA is a Spanish multinational company which manufactures vehicles for use by industrial clients, agricultural purposes or construction projects. The company was founded in 1956, and began life as a manufacturer of small cars for personal use. However, in the 1960s, AUSA branched out into producing compact industrial vehicles, with their range of dumper trucks rapidly becoming popular across Europe. After 1973, the firm moved to a giant manufacturing facility in the Spanish city of Manresa, building high quality dumpers, trucks, forklifts and multifunctional vehicles for many different economic sectors. The firm also became a global organization, with manufacturing facilities in the UK and partnerships with factories in China. This has led to the firm nowadays being an industry leader, with a solid reputation for quality and reliability. Their forklifts and dumpers regularly win industry accolades, while the firm has also won international recognition for its workplaces practices and employee satisfaction.

The modern AUSA firm is one of the world's major manufacturers of dumper trucks, with 25 percent market share, and operates from UAE to Brazil, selling their vehicles through a network of over 480 distributors. The company makes a point of constantly seeking to innovate, with a guaranteed spend of 3 percent of turnover on research and development. And it also innovates by building strong relationships within the AUSA team. This also means that the firm specializes in forming working relationships with clients and providing excellent customer support.

The AUSA Product Portfolio

These products are all vehicles that are intended for industrial uses, but they are also purchased by local governments to assist with essential services such as street cleaning, as well as agricultural firms and construction companies.