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The company ALZMETALL GmbH, from Altenmarkt, has been a leading company in the fields of drilling, milling and casting for a decade. Their products are used in general machine construction, the automobile industry and in medium-sized manufacturing companies.

The history of ALZMETALL

The company ALZMETALL was founded in 1945. Casting production started in 1946 and the production of drilling machines began in 1947. In 1971, the company started producing special machines. In 1980, the AX range of drilling machines was developed, which was followed by the development of the CNC machining centre (ABOMAT) in 1984. In 1990, ALZMETAL acquired the majority of stocks for the established company, BLUTHARDT AG, based in Nürtingen. 2008 saw the acquisition of “DONAU Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG” in Ulm/Ehingen, and the founding of “DONAU Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH” in Altenmarkt/Alz, which is a 100% subsidiary company of ALZMETALL .

ALZMETALL's areas of operation

ALZMETALL is the market leader of drilling machines. Up until now, more than 190,000 of their machines were known worldwide for their capacity and high quality. Additionally, ALZMETALL developed, produced and sold vertical machining centres, which generally had a drive with steering along three and five-axes. Due to special customer requirements in terms of powerful, automatic drilling and milling machines, the company also produces special machines. ALZMETALL produces foundry and casting technology with a wide range of capacities. These include cast iron with spheroidal or lamellar graphite from raw castings, to partly-processed cast pieces, to ground, lacquered and finished end products.

A look into ALZMETALL's product range

ALZMETALL has the following products on offer within the field of drilling machines:

  • ALZTRONIC – quick, precise small drilling machines
  • ALZSTAR – start up range
  • AX – drilling with all options
  • AB – precise trend setter with pro-formance drilling
  • AC – high-end CNC drilling machines with flexible, automatic operation
  • ALZFLOW and AB-Flow – column and half column drilling machines for flow drilling
  • Radiale – model for heavy, long and bulky workpieces
  • RFT – line drilling machine with two to six drilling stations