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altendorfThe German company ALTENDORF is the world leading manufacturer of the sliding table saw. ALTENDORF has production facilities in Qinhuangdao, China and Gaspar, Brazil. More than 300 people work worldwide to produce 4,500 saws annually. Used ALTENDORF machinery is one of the most popular machines in the second hand market. The uncompromising standards deliver a high quality machinery even if it's a used ALTENDORF saw.


The success story of the company ALTENDORF

ALTENDORF F45 sliding table saw
ALTENDORF F45 sliding table saw

The history of Wilhelm ALTENDORF GmbH & Co. KG runs parallel to that of the sliding table saw. This machine was invented by Wilhelm Altendorf in 1906, and he used it to create his own furniture designs. In 1956, the sons of the company's founder, Kurt and Willy ALTENDORF, concentrated their production solely on the ALTENDORF sliding table saw. ALTENDORF GmbH developed themselves into a specialist and their sliding table saw led to their global success. Up until today, there are more than 130,000 ALTENDORF sliding table saws used in joineries, carpentry workshops and facilities that process wood, plastic and metal.

Production locations and world service

All sales and marketing activities are undertaken in their head office in the States. The research and development department is located in a North Rhine-Westphalian city and focuses on product development and innovation. The central starting point for all ALTENDORF services are found here. The production facilities in America are responsible for all sophisticated machinery. Cheaper machine models are produced in Qinhuangdao, China and Gaspar (Santa Catarina), Brazil. There is also a sister company in Australia, India and south Asia. The ALTENDORF sliding table saw is sold in 120 countries. The company's partners are available in over 60 countries and provide customers with competent service and specialist advice.

ALTENDORF WA 8 table saw
ALTENDORF WA 8 table saw


All products made by Wilhelm ALTENDORF GmbH & Co. KG contain a corresponding saw. There are models of ALTENDORF panel saw and table saw for small and large spaces, to create large and small cuts, and those suitable for single companies as well as global players. The ALTENDORF range has the following sliding table saws:

  • ALTENDORF 2 - the 3-in-1 saw
  • F 45 ELMO – a high-tech saw with comprehensive functional scope
  • ALTENDORF F45 – a standard saw for higher requirements
  • WA 80 – for wood, plastic or non-ferrous metals
  • WA 8 – from simple cuts up to complex mitres and angles
  • WA 6 – the smallest ALTDORF saw for limited spacial capacities