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ALLMATIC-Jacob Spannsysteme GmbH is a Swiss manufacturer of industrial vices and clamps, which specializes in producing modular clamps which can be used in complex, custom built industrial machining centres.

A leading manufacturer of high quality industrial clamps

ALLMATIC is a firm which operates in the materials processing sector, producing milling, clamping and drilling machinery for industrial uses. The company was founded in Switzerland in 1973 as a subsidiary of the larger Saurer Group. The idea was that ALLMATIC would be a dedicated manufacturer of a dependable clamping system for the use in textile processing plants. The firm soon realised that its high pressure, high efficiency clamps could find uses in other sectors and during the 1970s, became one of Switzerland's most successful machinery manufacturers. During the 1980s, the company kept pace with the fashion for installing CNC machining centres, creating IT-enhanced clamping systems, while the 1990s saw even further technological developments with ALLMATIC introducing an 8-way clamping system as well as modular designs that could be totally customized according to the needs of customers. Organizational changes followed in 2001 when Saurer sold off ALLMATIC, and the firm was rechristened ALLMATIC-Jakob Spannsysteme GmbH within the Jacob group of companies. However, these changes did not prevent further innovation, and in 2004, the firm introduced its radical GRIPP clamping system, which allows for even greater efficiency when machining wood, plastics or metals.

A locally based company with a global sales network

ALLMATIC's company philosophy revolves around ensuring that staff are appropriately skilled to meet the needs of customers, so that they can provide the right advice and support during the purchasing process. This is coupled with a commitment to high quality products via process optimization techniques. Despite its success, the firm remains based firmly in the community of Unterthingau, where the firm issues a number of traineeships every year, and is a mainstay of the local economy. The company's factory in Unterthingau manufactures the firm's range of power intensifiers. These products are engineered to be both efficient and durable, due to the "lifetime lubrication" that is built into their design. Additionally, ALLMATIC seeks to reduce the cost of production by including standardised components, while ensuring that they can be easily customized at the point of use. This combination of adaptable design, low cost and high quality customer support has allowed ALLMATIC to build a network of sales representatives across all continents of the globe. This includes the provision of spare parts, and online support via CAD designs and operating instructions, ensuring that ALLMATIC clamping systems can be used to their full potential.

ALLMATIC Product Portfolio

The range of products manufactured by ALLMATIC includes:

  • ALLMATIC basic clamps
  • ALLMATIC HD heavy machining clamps
  • ALLMATIC NC horizontal machining clamps
  • GRIPP series clamps for multiple axes machining
  • Tower systems featuring multiple attachments
  • Pictographs for use with ALLMATIC systems

The products manufactured by ALLMATIC are industrial clamps and vices for use in basic and complex machining tasks. Clients might include any industrial organization that needs to manipulate and process materials like wood, metals, plastic and cardboard.