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Agria Werke GmbH is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of agricultural and horticultural equipment. The firm is headquartered in Möckmühl and focuses on producing tractors, motor hoes and bar mowers in a wide range of sizes and models.

Used AGRIA Mowers at Second Hand Market

If you have a business or even just looking for a simple AGRIA machine for your home garden, getting a used AGRIA machine is the answer for you. A big chance that you can find a used AGRIA sweepers and tractors in good condition at the second hand market due to high quality of the AGRIA-WERKE products. For home use or even for a small business the used AGRIA mowers would be in top condition due to the high quality production of one of the most popular garden equipment manufacturers.


Agria Werke GmbH - global agricultural giant

Agria Werke was founded by Erwin Mächtel and Otto Göhler in 1947 and has become an international distributor of agricultural machinery. It now produces machinery of all sizes, from hand-held hoes and mowing devices to larger tractors. The company developed its reputation by manufacturing power hoes in the post-war German environment. With materials scarce, and wine growers in southern Germany desperate for machinery, Agria-Werke developed a low-cost, efficient power-hoe that was adopted across the region. As the German economy prospered, the firm capitalised, branching out into all aspects of agricultural machinery. Nowadays, over 1 million machines later, the firm has distributors across the world in countries as disparate as South Korea, Nigeria, South Africa and Australia. However, the major market for Agria Werke GmbH's products remains the European Union.

AGRIA 0800 MH 85
agria 0800 MH 85
agria 3000 F 946 H
AGRIA 3000 F 946 H
agria 5900 Cyclone 13
AGRIA 5900 Cyclone 13

The modern company operates a major industrial facility in Möckmühl, with four assembly lines and two workshops where their machinery is assembled. It seeks to partner with all sizes of organization, providing an effective way to manage and improve landscapes. As well as catering for agriculture oriented customers, Agria-Werke also works in partnership with municipal organizations and gardening or landscaping companies. The firm provides a consultancy service in addition to manufacturing machinery, advising clients on how to use their equipment effectively and how to improve the environment. This is in keeping with their commitment to producing a beautiful and liveable environment for humans, animals and plants.

The Agria Werke GmbH product portfolio

The major products produced by Agria-Werke is wide and include among others :

  • Two-wheeled tractors
  • Equipment carriers
  • Hand-held and wheeled power-hoes 
  • Rotavators 
  • Brush cutters 
  • Surface sweepers
  • Remote control lawn mowers 
  • Flail mulchers

The Agria-Werke products are intended to be used for soil preparation before planting, managing lawns and maintaining paths. They are suited to farms, smallholdings, parks departments, corporate clients and private homes.