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Market Overview:

Used Manitou MT 1235 S for sale

General Specs

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Category: Telescopic forklifts
Model: MT 1235 S
Condition: Used
Download: Technical data sheet
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Technical Specifications

Manufacturer: Manitou
Model: MT 1235 S
Condition: Used
Division: Handling / lifting
Lifting height: 39,4 ft
Lifting capacity: 3,6 ton
Subcategory: Telescopic Forklifts

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Manitou MT1235 Telescopic Loader

Manitou MT1235
Manitou MT1235

The uses telescopic lodar MT 1235 was manufactured by Manitou, a French firm and one of Europe's most popular manufacturers of materials handling vehicles - which includes aerial platforms, telehandlers and forklift trucks. Its major area of expertise is in forklifts, both for indoor and outdoor use.

When searching used Manitou MT1235, it is useful to verify that the directions manual and working guidelines, the information sheet spec are additionally accessible, best as PDF. Purchasing utilized Manitou MT1235 regularly is an event, modest and has the benefit of quick accessibility. You will discover a few archives at Trade Machines for download.

Download here some more info and specs: Manitou MT1235 specs

For the expense of transportation of a Manitou MT1235 knowing weight and measurements is vital, autonomous of the year of assembling. It is very applicable to the cost of the Manitou MT1235, whether it is a more seasoned machine or a more current machine. If you don't mind check included extra parts or extras for Manitou MT1235 with the buy or if the machine is as of now totally upgraded.

Manitou MT1235 Telescopic Loader Dimensions

A 1200 N 1850
B 2770 O 125
C 1770 P2 43,5°
C1 1850 P3 40°
D 5590 R 3950
D1 5670 S 8513
D2 4405 T 3920
E 6790 U1 2575
F 1990 U2 2755
F1 1990 V 5390
G 450 V1 1470
G1 445 V2 4158
G2 450 W 2405
G3 275 W1 2320
I 1050 W2 1125
J 950 W3 2035
K 1040 Y 12°
L 45 Z 112
Manitou MT1235 dimensions
Manitou MT1235 dimensions


Manitou MT1235 Telescopic Loader Video