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Caterpillar D4



Type: Fixed Price
Seller: Carbone S.r.l.
Location: Italy
Category: Bulldozers
Manufacturer: Caterpillar
Model: further offers for: Caterpillar D4
Condition: Used
Year of Make: 1997
Description: Working hours: 6881. Matr.72X00476
Technical Specifications: Description-1: Agricultural Crawler tractor
Weight: 9,970 lbs [4522 kg] (44" gauge)
Drawbar (tested): 50.18 hp [37.4 kW]
Chassis: crawler
Steering: manual clutches
Cab: Open operator station.
Bore/Stroke: 18:1 inches [457 x 0 mm]
Air cleaner: oil bath
Compression: 17.3:1
Rated RPMs: 1600
Gears: 5 forward and 1 reverse
Wheelbase: 61.125 inches [155 cm]
Type: gear
Fuel tank: 20 gal [75.7 L]
Torque: 421 lb-ft [570.9 Nm]
Torque RPMs: 1000
Clutch: dry disc
Length: 120.7 inches [306 cm]
Width: 62 inches [157 cm] (44" gauge)
Front tire: tracks
Rear tire: tracks
Ag front: 13-inch tracks
Ag rear: 13-inch tracks
Rear tread: 44 inches [111 cm] 60 inches [152 cm]
Clearance (drawbar): 14.25 inches [36 cm]
Ground clearance: 11.125 inches [28 cm]
Coolant capacity: 44 qts [41.6 L]
Oil capacity: 20 qts [18.9 L]
Belt (tested): 58.88 hp [43.9 kW]
Height (hood): 60.625 inches [153 cm]

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