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Center Lathe KRAFT DLZ 560C x 2.000

Center Lathe KRAFT DLZ 560C x 2.000


Type: Fixed Price
Seller: GK Werkzeugmaschinen
Location: Germany | Stockstadt am Rhein
Category: Lathes
Manufacturer: KRAFT
Model: DLZ 560C x 2.000
Condition: Used
Year of Make: 2015
Description: turning diameter over bed 560 mm turning diameter over slide rest 350 mm turning length 1880 mm turning dia. in gap 780 mm center height over bed 250 mm bed width 394 mm spindle taper D1-8 spindle bore 105 mm spindle turning speed range 26-1700 U/min transmission ratio 16 Stck. metrical thread cutting 0.35-80 mm/U workpiece length - max. 2000 mm tailstock quill diameter 75 mm longitudinal feed 0,044-1,48 mm/U cross feed 0,022-0,74 mm/U range of module thread 0,2-40 mm range of dimetrical thread 7/8-160 DP power requirement 7,5 kW weight of the machine ca. 2360 kg 3 jaw chuck Ø 250 mm 4-jaw independent chuck 400 mm fixed steady 30-200 mm fixed steady optional 152-305 mm follower rest 10-100 mm follower rest optional 76-216 mm coolant system foot brake oil gun working lamp handwheel on the left tool post holder Multifix Größe C mit 4 Haltern chuck cover 3-Axis DRO SINO center sleeve bed stop mit elektrischem Endschalter Electrics from Schneider or Siemens clutch electromagnetic drive pla

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