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Market Overview:

Used John Deere L130 for sale

General Specs

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Category: Sit-on mowers
Manufacturer: John Deere
Model: L130
Condition: Used

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer: John Deere
Model: L130
Condition: Used
Description-1: L100 Series
Description-2: Lawn tractor
Weight: 532 lbs [241 kg]
Engine: 23 hp [17.2 kW]
Chassis: 4x2 2WD
Cab: Open operator station.
Bore/Stroke: 3.15x2.64 inches [80 x 67 mm]
Power: 23 hp [17.2 kW]
Air cleaner: dual state
Starter volts: 12
Transmission: Tuff Torq HD K46
Gears: infinite forward and reverse
Type: hydrostatic
Fuel tank: 2.1 gal [7.9 L]
Charging system: Regulated circuit
Volts: 12
Length: 69 inches [175 cm]
Width: 36 inches [91 cm]
Height: 38.6 inches [98 cm]
Location: On frame above left rear wheel.
Front tire: 16x6.5-8
Rear tire: 22x9.5-12
Charging amps: 16
Number: 1
Lawn/turf front: 16x6.5-8
Lawn/turf rear: 22x9.5-12
Oil capacity: 2 qts [1.9 L]
Sparkplug gap: 0.030 inches [0.762 mm]
Point gap: 0.225 inches [5.715 mm]
Intake valve clearance: 0.005 inches [0.127 mm]
Exhaust valve clearance: 0.010 inches [0.254 mm]

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The JOHN DEERE L130 was released from 2003 until 2005 and proved to be extremely popular with people who were looking for a large lawn mower. This model is still highly desirable among farmers and casual users who have a large lawn that they need to maintain on a regular basis.

JOHN DEERE L130 lawn tractor

The L series was produced in Wisconsin in the USA and is known for its durability and high performance and the JOHN DEERE L130 lawn tractor is no exception. The cutting width of the model is 48 inches, which is large enough to complete most lawns extremely quickly and efficiently. The model also comes with a large range of attachments such as a snow blower that is ideal for the winter, making this a model that can be used effectively all year round. The L130 sports an impressive 18 inch turning radius, which makes it easy for operators to navigate it around obstructions. In addition, the 23 horsepower engine helps users to take on even the toughest of jobs easily and without problems. The large fuel capacity of this model means that it does not need to be filled very often, saving time and effort, especially when compared to other competing models.


The JOHN DEERE L130 tractor weighs a total of 241kgs, while fuel consumption is just under eight litres. One of the defining features of the JOHN DEERE L130 riding mower is its strong engine, which delivers 23 horsepower and features two air cooled cylinders. The model comes with a top of the range Kohler CV23s engine that provides a maximum speed of 5.5 miles per hour, which makes it extremely quick to finish mowing tasks. The height of the cut range of the blades on the model is 2.5 to 10 inches and these blades can be easily adjusted to the desired height for the lawn. The power source is gas and recharging this model is very quick and convenient.

Why you Should Buy JOHN DEERE L130

Due to the durability and desirability of this model, people who are looking for a JOHN Deere L130 for sale should find a large number of options to choose from. Most users report that even after several years they are still able to use to original belts of their L130 JOHN DEERE, while other parts still remain in full working condition. Because the JD L130 is no longer in production, people who want to pick up this model will probably have to opt for a used JOHN Deere L130 for sale. However, after close inspection buyers should find that their JOHN DEERE L130 mower still has plenty of life in it. Parts for the JOHN DEER L130 are also easy to come by and can be purchased both new and second hand.