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Used Ingersoll Rand T30 for sale

General Specs

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Category: Air Compressors
Manufacturer: Ingersoll Rand
Model: T30
Condition: Used

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INGERSOLL RAND is a leader in designing and manufacturing air compressors and air system accessories. Serving nearly 200 countries around the world, INGERSOLL RAND supplies a range of reciprocating compressors and air treatment systems. First introduced in 1929, the INGERSOLL RAND Type 30 (T30) is a leading reciprocating compressor for heavy duty applications.

About the Ingersoll-Rand T30

The INGERSOLL RAND Air Compressor T30 offers reliable performance and efficiency for a range of applications and sectors. The INGERSOLL-RAND T30 is a two-stage lubricated compressor with cast iron cylinders. It is designed for commercial and industrial use, including heavy shop use such as automotive service and body shops, construction, and manufacturing. The INGERSOLL-RAND Air Compressor T30 is available in Value or Premium packages with configurations that suit individual requirements and needs. Both packages are available with 11-bar receiver-mounted or a 14-bar base-mounted configuration. The economic Value package offers a reliable compressed air solution for mostly commercial and light industrial uses, including applications in the automotive sector. An INGERSOLL-RAND T30 for sale with the Premium package option delivers enhanced performance with additional features such as an air-cooled after cooler, low oil level switch, and an auto-condensate drain (available on receiver-mounted models only). The INGERSOLL RAND T30 compressor Premium package is well-suited for manufacturing and heavy duty industrial use.

Standard INGERSOLL-RAND T30 Specs

INGERSOLL-RAND T30 specs for individual units vary depending on whether the unit includes the Value package or the Premium package, as well as whether the unit is a speciality model. Specs also vary depending on the individual customisation of the model. Generally, the T30’s motor provides between 2.2 kilowatt (3 horsepower) and 22 kilowatt (horsepower) in output. The piston displacement of the T30 ranges from 290 to 2,932 litres per minute, and receiver-mounted models feature tanks with a capacity of between 200 and 500 litres. Each T30 unit weighs between 130 and 600 kilograms. The maximum pressure for the T30 is 11 bar(g) for receiver mounted models and 14 bar(g) for base mounted models.

T30 INGERSOLL RAND Specialty Models

The T30 INGERSOLL-RAND is available in different versions for specific applications. The T30 high pressure unit is designed for refuelling stations, power stations, engine starting, power stations and similar industries. This option is a base-mounted piston compressor that offers pressures of up to 345 bar(g). A non-lubricated option is also available. This version is ideal for textile industries as well as packaging and chemical sectors. Designed for applications where oil-free air is required, these units do not have oil in the cylinders. Oil-less compressors are also available for sectors that also require air-free environments, such as pharmaceutical, electronics, medical and food processing sectors. Vacuum compressor versions of the INGERSOLL-RAND T30 air compressor is also available for food packaging, processing plants, printing and vacuum cleaning applications.

INGERSOLL RAND T30 Air Compressor for Sale

If looking at INGERSOLL RAND T30 air compressor for sale at auction, carefully consider the end-use of the unit before making a bid. Individual models are designed for different applications and offer varying levels of performance. A used INGERSOLL RAND T30 air compressor can be an affordable addition for many commercial and industrial work settings. The INGERSOLL-RAND T30 price will vary depending on the type of the model, with Value package models costing less than Premium package and specialty versions.