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Market Overview:

Used Gildemeister NEF 400 for sale

General Specs

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Category: CNC Lathe
Manufacturer: Gildemeister
Model: NEF 400
Condition: Used

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer: Gildemeister
Model: NEF 400
Condition: Used
Rapid traverse (X / Z) 30 / 30 m/min
Max. rotation speed 4.500 rpm
Number of tool stations 12
Max. swing diameter over bed 385 mm
Driven tool stations 6
Feed power X (40 / 100 % DC) 6 / 4.5 kN
Centre location 4 MT
Tail stock (automatically traversable) 680 mm
Max. turning dia over bed 350 mm
Torque Z (40 / 100 % DC) 14.5 / 10 Nm
Machine without chip conveyor 3500 kg
Rotational speed range 0ÔÇëÔÇôÔÇë4.500 rpm
Spindle bore 87 mm
Chuck diameter 200 - 250 mm
Diameter in the front bearing 130 mm
Bar capacity 65 mm
Max. turning dia over cross slide 350 mm
Feed power Z (40 / 100 % DC) 8.5 / 6.2 kN
Machine with chip conveyor 3700 kg
Max. tailstock pressure 680 daN
Torque X (40 / 100 % DC) 10.5 / 7.2Nm
Torque. max. (40% DC) 17.5 Nm
Drive power (40 / 100% DC) 11.5 / 8 kW
Spindle head 170 h5
Longitudinal traverse (Z) 800 mm
Cross traverse (X) 255 mm
Drive power. max. (40ÔÇë% DC) 5.5 kW

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Logo Gildemeister
Gildemeister Logo
Glidemeister NEF 400 CNC Lathe
Glidemeister NEF 400 CNC Lathe

Gildemeister NEF400  CNC Lathe

The NEF 400 for sale is manufactured by Gildemeister that is now part of DMG Mori Seiki Ltd. since September 2013. It is one of the largest German producers of cutting machine tools, vehicles and a worldwide leading manufacturer of CNC lathe and milling machines.

This CNC lathe for sale is a reference of flexibility and productivity built i one machine.  Thee NEF 400 offers an excellent performance with a competitive price.  The NEF is modern, the components are high technology that allows precises and efficient turning even for those operators with less experience.

NEF users will benefit of the high flexibility of the parts, the maximum precision and dynamic production.  The many options allow an individualized configuration  of the NEF 400  to get the maximum productivity in the manufacturing process -  from individual pieces to small series. The NEF series guarantees  success and opens up new market opportunities .

NEF 400 Highlights:

  • Integrated ISM spindle motor:  larger perforations with spindle, more speeds, better precision / stiffer C axes etc.
  • New design: more transpereancy in the work area, easier optimum management, smaller floorplan.
  • The most moder 3D control: with CELOS from  DMG MORI with 21,5" ERGOline® or SIEMENS;
    with 19" ERGOline® with Operate 4.5 in SIEMENS 840D solutionline and ShopTurn 3G or HEIDENHAIN CNC PILOT 640
  • Compact Design: due to a sturdy solid cast iron machine bed. 
  • 12×-station turret VDI 30 with, hydraulically controlled tailstock now included in the standard version.
Gildemeister NEF400 interior
Gildemeister NEF400 interior
NEF 400 GILDEMEISTER closer look
NEF 400 GILDEMEISTER closer look


Gildemeister NEF400 video