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Market Overview:

Used Bobcat 5600 for sale

General Specs

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Category: Tool carriers
Model: 5600
Condition: Used

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer: Bobcat
Model: 5600
Condition: Used
Type: Utility Vehicle
Steering: All Wheel
Fuel type: Diesel
Horsepower: 60 HP

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bobcat toolcat 5600 logoBOBCAT ToolCat 5600

BOBCAT Toolcat 5600 Specs at a glance
power 61 PS
operating weight 2578 kg
tank 75,7 l
drive four-wheel
steering four-wheel

If you see a BOBCAT Toolcat 5600 for sale then it might just be the versatile utility vehicle that you are looking for. The 61 Horsepower Toolcat is compatible with more than 40 different attachments which take only minutes to change. These include, sweepers, snow clearers, wood chippers, a mini excavator and along with many others. You could be loading rubble in the morning and mowing your lawn in the evening.

BOBCAT 5600 Toolcat engine

The BOBCAT 5600 Toolcat engine boast an Ultra Low Particulate Combustion Chamber,also referred to as a non-diesel particulate filter, to reduce particulate matter and help achieve emission compliance. The BOBCAT 5600 has a 4 tier engine which provides the benefit of cold weather protection when the temperature drops to below 14 degrees Fahrenheit and the maximum engine speed is subject to a temporary limit to avoid undue wear and tear; one of the reasons a Toolcat 5600 for sale doesn't stay for sale very long.

Snow blower attachment for the BOBCAT ToolCat 5600
Snow blower attachment for the BOBCAT ToolCat 5600
BOBCAT ToolCat 5600 ground drill attachment
BOBCAT ToolCat 5600 ground drill attachment
BOBCAT ToolCat all wheel steer attachment
BOBCAT ToolCat all wheel steer attachment

BOBCAT 5600 Specifications

If you see a BOBCAT 5600 for sale it is useful to know the specifications before you buy it. It has a weight of 5680 lbs, is 144.4 inches long ( without attachments); height 81 in. Width 60 in. The BOBCAT has a towing capacity of 4,000 lbs and can also haul 2,000 in its 17 – cubic-foot square cargo box. It has a top speed of 18mph, low speed 9mph and a turning radius of 103 which makes it extremely manoeuvrable. More information can be here: Toolcat 5600 Specs & Options - Bobcat Company.