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Market Overview:

Used Bobcat 331 for sale

General Specs

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Category: Mini Excavators
Manufacturer: Bobcat
Model: 331
Condition: Used

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer: Bobcat
Model: 331
Condition: Used
CCF Class: 3
Operating weight (kg): 3232
ENGINE: Kubota V2203

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BOBCAT 331 Compact Excavator

The BOBCAT 331, as with other models, is classified as a compact or mini excavator. It is available in a base model, Long Arm and Extendable Long Arm at a reasonable price.  The 331 BOBCAT can also be towed by a one-ton truck. Because of its compactness, it is easy to use in smaller spaces and still has lots of power to work with for footing, sewer lines, retaining walls and swimming pool digs. The dipper, when extended, works very well with shallow digging and truck loading due to a good reach and dump height.

Used BOBCAT 331 Mini Excavator

BOBCAT is famous for his compact construction machines and the excavators are with no exceptions. Some business do need the bobcat machinery for small construction sites or to get to small places that regular machines cant reach but new BOBCAT 331 mini excavator can be quite expensive. Buying a use BOBCAT 331 compact excavator is a good solution for getting a BOBCAT 311 and buying it for almost half price. Take a look at our wide selection of used BOBCAT 331 compact excavators from the second-hand market and international auctioneers.

BOBCAT 331 Specs

The BOBCAT 331 mini excavator for sale comes with several approved BOBCAT attachments to the base model. These include auger, compact excavator buckets, grading blade, three tine excavator grapple, HydraTilt swing accessory, breaker, a packer wheel, plate compactor, PowerTilt swing accessory, ripper and trencher. The BOBCAT 331 excavator for sale has a width of 1539.2 millimetres (60.6 inches), height to top of the cab of 2356.1 mm (92.8 in), and a track length of 1562 mm (61.5 in). With the boom/stick option, it has a shipping length of 4880 mm (192.1 in) and shipping height of 2358 mm (92.8 in). Concerning BOBCAT 311 mini excavator specs, it runs with a 2.2 L displacement on 40 horsepower (29.8 kW) with a maximum travel speed of 5.1 km/h.

Mini Excavator Bobcat 331
Mini Digger Excavator Bobcat 331

 Load Capacity and Distance Measures of the BOBCAT Mini Excavator 331

With the boom/stick option the stick is 1200 mm (47.2 in) with a maximum digging depth of 27,216.1 mm (1071.5 in) and ground reach of 58,491.1 mm (2302.8 in). Vertical wall digging depth is 2202 mm (86.7 in) with a counterweight clearance of 511 mm (20.1 in) and a tail swing radius of 1387 mm (54.6 in). The operational weight of a BOBCAT 331 mini-excavator is 3259.1 kg (7,185.1 lbs). 

Pictures of Used 331 BOBCAT

Bobcat 331 Excavator for Sale
Bobcat 331 Excavator for Sale
Used 331 Bobcat Mini Excavator
Used 331 Bobcat Mini Excavator
Bobcat 331 Compact Excavator
Bobcat 331 Compact Excavator Side View

Video of BOBCAT 331 Digging a Deep Hole