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Used Agria 3400 for sale

General Specs

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Category: One axle tractors
Model: 3400
Condition: Used

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer: Agria
Model: 3400
Condition: Used
Rating 7.4 kw
Drive Yes
Reverse 4
Speed control Manual transmission
Forward 4
Speed 7.1 km/h
Brand of engine Yanmar
Name of the motor L 100
Handlebar height adjustment Yes
speed 3600 RPM

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AGRIA 3400 one axle tractor
AGRIA 3400 one axle tractor

AGRIA 3400's rotating handlebar will guarantee a simple change from the rear to the front mounted and makes the machine so universally usable. With demand-oriented mower adaptation through extensive equipment options. Lockable differential axle makes the AGRIA Werke tractor (3400) in extreme situations still easily reversible and manageable. The speed independent PTO allows for a gradual adjustment to the working conditions. -Speed independent PTO speed allows for a gradual adjustment to the working conditions. Quick coupling system for a quick and easy change of attachments.

AGRIA 3400 Tractors Features

Single wheel steering brake clutch allow sensitive cornering without any increase in speed (only 3400 KL designs) in the AGRIA 3400 tractors. With the thrower can be located at light to moderate soil in a single operation set up a finished sowing or planting bed. The slower the blower is driven and the faster the cutter shaft rotates, the crumbling of the soil is the fine.

The AGRIA 3400 tractor motor
The AGRIA 3400 tractor motor

AGRIA 3400 1 Axle Tractors Are More Efficient

AGRIA 3400 Technical Details
Category Cultivators
Weight 121.00 kg
Drive Yes
Speed 7.1 km / h
Speed regulation Manual transmission
Forward gears 4

Also organic material (such as manure) can be incorporated with the cutter. The Stone burier is a special design of the cutter shaft opposite to the direction of rotation of the AGRIA 3400 wheels turning.The ground cut out from the sawtooth is thrown against a sieve, which stones or coarse plant remains from the fine Earth separated and next are covered by this. You will get a free from stones and other disturbing material, fine seedbed crumbled.

At the basic tillage of the soil on the entire depth of the crumb will be processed. The AGRIA 3400 plow is the oldest and the most popular device for this purpose. To the AGRIA tractor's single axis range dominating but power-driven equipment: milling and Stoneburner.With these devices, a smaller carrier vehicle engine performance can be used optimally to the basic tillage.

Used AGRIA Werke 3400 Mower For Sale

If you are looking to mow your garden or have a little gardening business, then this is the mower for you. Getting a used AGRIA 3400 Werke mower at the second-hand market can guarantee you a good machine that will serve you for a long time and for the fraction of a price. Here at our platform, you can find a wide selection of used AGRIA 3400 mowers. Compare prices and specs to get the best bargain you can.