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Market Overview:

Used Weeke BHC 550 OPTIMAT for sale

General Specs

Category: CNC Working Center
Model: BHC 550 OPTIMAT
Condition: Used

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer: Weeke
Model: BHC 550 OPTIMAT
Condition: Used
drilling head horizontal y-axis 2 piece
weight approx. 4500 kg
setting measure approx (l x w x h) 6350 x 3820 x 2370 mm
main spindle 9.0 kW
vacuum pump 100 cbm/h
tool changer 8-fold
drilling head vertical y-axis 8 piece
travelling way Y-axis 1670 mm
c-axis yes
total power approx 17.5 KW
packing measure approx (l x w x h) 7000 x 2350 x 2450 mm
path-feed rate max. X-axis 80 m/min
dimensions approx. 1 x 1 x 1 mm
working width y-axis 1300 mm
drilling head horizontal x-axis 4 piece
path-feed rate max. Z-axis 20 m/min
working length x-axis 3250 mm
travelling way X-axis 4000 mm
travelling way Z-axis 370 mm
drilling head vertical x-axis 11 piece
path-feed rate max. Y-axis 60 m/min

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Logo WeekeThe Weeke Optimat BHC 550 is a high-quality CNC working center. This CNC wood router was manufactured by WEEKE Bohrsysteme GmbH, which provides CNC stationary technology, including robust CNC processing centers, and more generally, machinery for the woodworking industry and carpentry. As an important member of the HOMAG Group now,  WEEKE produced the Optimat series with efficient processing capabilities, as well as different aggregates and configurations available. The series of Optimat machines covers complete processing such as routing, drilling and sawing of wood pieces in a single clamping step. It is also characterised by a modular system and different table variations

The Optimat BHC550 offers you the chance to assemble your own individual CNC machining center package from the configurations of the Optimat series. The Weeke Optimat BHC 550 CNC working center includes features such as a rotary C-axis on the router motor and high-speed drill spindles with quick-change tooling and liquid-cooled constant power router motors. The support benches and vacuum pods can handle vacuum hold-down for flat panel processing requirements, but also for mechanical clamping of solid wood frame components or shaped millwork pieces. The accurate placement of the tubeless vacuum pods is made simple and fast through the LED light bar positioning system, allowing quick changeover and easy reconfiguration for many part sizes.

Product Pages of Weeke Optimat BHC 550

Weeke Optimat BHC 550 CNC Working Center
Weeke Optimat BHC 550
Weeke Optimat BHC 550 CNC Working Center
Weeke Optimat BHC 550 CNC Working Center
Weeke Optimat BHC 550 CNC Wood Router
Weeke Optimat BHC 550 CNC Wood Router


Using the HOMATIC-2000 IPC control technology, the Optimat BHC 550 CNC machining center features a PC based Windows operating system. Integrated with a Beckhoff PLC, the PC ensures high-speed performance and precision. Thanks to it, most applications are produced efficiently and accurately. With positioning axis 360°, the Weeke Optimat BHC 550 is also equipped with a groove saw at X-direction, a motor capacity of 9 KW, a 8-position toolchanger, and 6 lifting rails for easy panel positioning. You can also benefit from laserpositioning help for the higher efficiency and quality.

In addition, this CNC wood router from WEEKE includes:

  • 12 vertical spindles;
  • 4 horizontal spindles in X;
  • 2 horizontal spindles in Y;
  • 4 pop-up fences in X at the rear and 8 at the front;
  • 4 pop-up fences in Y, and one additional for non-trimmed panels;
  • 2 fences in Y in the middle of the machine.

Here you can see product pictures and schemas of the Weeke Optimat BHC 550 with three types of tables: the basic table, the Matrix-table designed for Nested Based Manufacturing applications, and the K-table vacuum clamping system with free positioning vacuum pods.

Weeke Optimat BHC 550 with different tables
Schema of Weeke Optimat BHC 550 with 3 types of tables

Below you can find all the exact dimensions and technical details of the Weeke Optimat BHC 550 CNC router. Please note that the dimensions and specs may change to a certain extent between different Optimat BHC 550 versions.

Optimat BHC 550 Dimensions
Weeke Optimat BHC 550 Dimensions

Weeke Optimat BHC 550 Technical Specs

 Working length X-axis  3250 mm (127.9 in)
 Working width Y-axis  1300 mm (51.1 in)
 Travelling way X-axis  3900 mm (153.5 in)
 Travelling way Y-axis  1635 mm (64.3 in)
 Travelling way Z-axis  370 mm (14.5 in)
 Workpiece thickness max.  100 mm (3.9 in)
 Rapid traverse rate max. X-axis  80 m/min
 Rapid traverse rate max. Y-axis  60 m/min
 Rapid traverse rate max. Z-axis  20 m/min
 C-axis  Yes
 Positioning accuracy of the axis  0.03 mm
 Driving system of the axis  Digital
 Tool changer  8-fold
 Main spindle  9.0 kW
 Vacuum pump capacity  100 cbm/h
 Drilling head vertical X-axis  6 pcs
 Drilling head vertical Y-axis  5 pcs
 Drilling head horizontal X-axis  4 pcs
 Drilling head horizontal Y-axis  2 pcs
 Control  HOMATIC-2000 IPC
 Software  WoodWOP 5.0 / Windows
 Total power approx.  17.5 kW
 Panel supports  8
 Lifting rails  6
 Dust extraction port diameter  250 mm (9.8 in)
 Machine weight approx.  4500 kg
 Setting measure (LxWxH) approx.    6350 mm x 3860 mm x 2370 mm
 Dimensions (LxWxH) approx.  6000 mm x 2300 mm x 2300 mm 

Video of Weeke Optimat BHC 550 in action