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York Auction Centre is based at a purpose built site in Murton, York, UK. The company organises a wide range of York auctions and is experienced in several specific areas including machinery and equipment, horses and livestock, agricultural, horticulture, cars and vehicles, as well as antiques and collectibles. Regular sales attract a high level of interest and buyers can bid in person or online on York auction in conjunction with

A diverse range of sales and York auctions

A professional team with vast collective experience and extensive local and national trade knowledge allows York Auctions Centre to conduct large scales sales that attract a high level of interest. There are 9 machinery sales each year at the company's base in York and buyers come from the UK and overseas. Buyers can find a massive range of plant and equipment, timber and building materials, tractors, quads and forklifts, small tools and more in up to 5,000 lots. Online bidding enables sales to reach a wider audience and registration is free on All bidders must register to participate, whether in live sales, online events or combined live and online YLC auctions. Lots from previous sales have been exported to Scandinavia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

Livestock sales take place weekly and details can be found on the company's website. Horse sales take place on Friday's at the company's purpose built equestrian centre and information on these live events can also be found at York Auction's website.

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