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World Wide Auctioneers is concerned with the sale of heavy equipment and industrial machinery for clients from a number of fields. WWA Auction has a unique infrastructure that enables it to benefit from a wealth of experience, state of the art internet connection and low overheads. It regularly organises and manages sales in the US, Europe, Asia and the Middle East and its founding partners have over 45 years of combined experience.

Combines experience and technology

A team of experts is on hand at all sales conducted by World Wide Auctioneers allowing vendors to take advantage of a full and transparent hands on service. The company has sold over 112,000 items of construction equipment at international WW auctions from 2001 till the present and continues to stage regular sales for its parent company and outside vendors. WWA Auction works with several joint venture and franchise partners to provide clients with a seamless and easy way to dispose of assets quickly and profitably. World Wide Auctioneer operates its own state of the art internet site which features an equipment search engine and a host of interactive features for buyers and sellers.

Video presentation allows interested bidders to fully participate in sales and live online bidding is safe and secure at WWAuction. Sellers can turn unused heavy equipment and vehicles into cash, while buyers can source equipment that may not be readily available in their location. Buyers can register free to bid on WWAuctions website and be ready to take part in WWA auctions almost immediately.

Here are the major Asian auction houses and machinery traders.

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