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RS Auktionen


About RS Auktion

With more than 30 years of experience, the Austrian company RS Auktionen - Roucka & Schuster Betriebsverwertung GmbH is a specialist in the sale of industrial plants and machinery. The team around shareholders and general managers Klaus Schuster and eng. Andreas Roucka deals with numerous national and international requests particularly regarding the security of auction assets and documents. 

RS Auktionen Professional experience for exceptional results

The auction house RS Auktionen is located in Haag, Holland, and primarily works on behalf of renowned liquidators and banks, but also independent enterprises that are looking to liquidate their business or to reorganize their machine parks. Roucka & Schuster professionally handles live auctions, online auctions, sales as well as collective auctions and hosts major events for the comprehensive needs of liquidators and banks in its indoor auction area of more than 6,000 m². Regularly organized collective auctions on the other hand represent an efficient tool for the direct sale of smaller lots and vehicles. An area of approximately 1,000 m² in the basement of the auction hall offers sufficient space for various purposes, especially for the safeguarding and correct storage of documents. Professional archiving of accounting documents belongs to the most important operating areas of the five-strong team working for Roucka & Schuster Betriebsverwertung GmbH.

A diverse range of auctions in RS Auktionen

RS Auktionen
RS Auktionen's 6,000 m² auction hall

Because RS Auktionen are focused on auctions for liquidators, banks and businesses, their auction portfolio is naturally very diverse. For that reason the auction portfolio and product range includes factory and office equipment that needs to be sold due to liquidations. The portfolio furthermore includes office communication technology and EDP systems, but also smaller furniture and stocks of products. RS Auktion serves all segments of industry, crafts and different trades. Interested clients have many attractive possibilities to buy inexpensive machines, plants and tools from the wood and metal industry; diverse items of printing and storage technology as well as fork lift trucks, construction equipment and entire machine parks. The online auction platform of RSAuktionen launched in 2006 presents an additional tool that perfectly complements the successful live auctions. Even in online auctions prospective buyers can participate via webcasts and this development not only increased the quantity of the bidding capacity but also the geographic distribution of the prospective buyers. The multilingual internet auction platform serves long standing clients won in 30 years of professional and reliable service. They come from Germany but also from all over the world. The sophisticated auction catalogs are subject to regular updates and can be viewed or downloaded on the website at all times. This provides everyone with an ideal and uncomplicated possibility for orientation before auctions.

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RS Auktionen

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