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Riegermann Ingenieur & Handelscontor GmbH in Langenlonsheim, Germany presents itself as a successful second-generation family enterprise with many different auctions. Run by general manager Raoul Riegermann, top priority has the efficient liquidation of capital assets from different segments of all industries.

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  • Family company since 50 years
  • Headquarters: Langenlonsheim, Germany
  • Main Industries: Construction, Metalworking, Woodworking & Vehicles.
  • AoY Rating: 0 of 5

50 Years of Reliable Service

Riegermann GmbH can look back at a history of 50 years and at approximately 30 years of focused experience in liquidations, auctions and other services. Long-term and diverse experience of the older generation at the company goes hand in hand with the constructive creativity of the younger generation as well as modern communication technologies. The auctioneers are the main protagonists and are as important as the online auction platform itself, which came about as a sensible addition to the services of the auction house. A traditional element of Riegermann is the pawn office, where people in difficult situations can find discreet help and transactions are handled quickly. For that purpose, valuables are fairly assessed and securely stored on the premises. Should they not be redeemed within a fixed period of time, liquidation follows. It should be mentioned, however, that approximately 80 percent of valuables are being redeemed. Riegermann GmbH also hires out diverse construction- and garden equipment, heating appliances, scaffolds and power generators. The high-quality services and reliable liquidation services at Riegermann are available to companies of all sizes and from all segments of the industry. But over the years specific knowledge of the trade has been developed that Riegermann Ingenieur & Handelscontor GmbH knows to utilize for the advantage of its clients – especially regarding the main and ancillary construction trades; food, metal, wood and polymer processing industries; industrial and world-scale plants from different sectors; IT technology; antiquities; vehicles and vintage cars as well as properties.

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Raoul Riegermann, Managing Director of Riegermann GmbH

Online and Live Riegermann Auctions in all Industries

Apart from the online auction platform, Riegermann GmbH also runs an auction hall, that regularly holds interesting auctions. Here, auctioneers can create transactions in the traditional way, so that the estimated value is easily achieved or even surpassed. This craft is governed as much by the important interplay of suspense, vigor and passion as it is by market-conform valuations prior to the auction. Among Riegermann's most important clients are renowned bankruptcy trustees and liquidators, banks, leasing companies as well as management consultants. To consistently satisfy the ever changing needs of its clients, Riegermann Auktion pays great attention to continuous training as intense networking can only be a lasting strategy, if the auction house fulfills its own high quality standards. The management at Riegermann Ingenieur & Handelscontor GmbH engages in intense exchange with colleagues from its national and international networks in order to strengthen its own competency all the time. Beyond the management of auctions, Riegermann also operates sales promotions tailored to a variety of different target groups. The sales promotions are operated through different channels to effectively serve the latent buying potential in Germany, Europe, Arabic countries and the United States.


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