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About Retrade

Retrade Surplus Management is located in Oslo (Norway) and is an internet auction platform that allows only the largest companies to sell, but everyone with a Retrade account to join live-auctions. Its auction technology is operated by Vendo AS and Retrade Surplus Management is part of Asset Front.

A Common Project Well Used

Retrade was founded in 2008 after various pilot projects from 1997 to 2006. It is a small company that employs no more than 50 people at its headquarters in Norway. It came about after many finalized common projects of international partners, among them private companies from Northern and Eastern European countries, such as Cramo (Sweden), DnB Nord (Norway), Pohjola Finance (Finland), Nordea Finance (Sweden), Ramirent (Finland), Sampo Pank (Estonia), Skanska (Sweden), Statoil (Norway) and Swedbank (Sweden). Other partners include different administrative bodies, such as the agencies for railway services in Norway and Denmark, the Norwegian State Forest Administration, the Norwegian Armed Forces and the Danish Defense Supply Agencies. The partners can use the platform – which is available in seven different languages – independently and by 2014 Retrade Surplus Management had completed already more than 50,000 auctions with items sold to 70 different countries and with a base of more than 60,000 buyers authorized to trade.

Guarantee for Quality and Security

This auction platform is a novelty on the market in the sense that it ensures high customer protection based on existing accounting and auditing standards. A unique knowledge and understanding exists of the local market conditions in the Scandinavian countries of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland as well as the Eastern European countries of the three Baltic States. Naturally, with its international orientation customers need to consider varying VAT regulations. Because only the largest companies are allowed to sell on the platform clients can be sure about the quality on the one hand and easy transactions on the other. Buyers pay on Retrade via Lindorff, one of Europe's largest accounting companies. Once the payment has been made, the buyers can organize the transport of their purchase. Appointments can be made to view larger items in person before the auction. The different Retrade auction categories include Buses, Vans, Construction Machinery, Industrial Machinery, Excavators, Loaders, Wheel Loaders, Agricultural Machinery, Trucks, Cranes, Forest Machinery, Tractors, Transporters, Workshop Equipment, Machine tools, Skylifts. Within these categories clients can bid in real-time in internet-auctions on a variety of e.g. military vehicles and equipment, trucks, cars, motorcycles, boats, ships, office equipment and surplus materials.

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