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About Rabin Worldwide

Rabin was founded by brothers David, Irving, Saul and Henry Rabin in the 1950's in San Francisco as a small business that disposed of surplus goods and equipment following the Second World War. Today, Rabin Auction is a respected firm of auctioneers and liquidators with over 60 years of trade experience. The family owned company is still headquartered in San Francisco and has a subsidiary branch in Manchester, UK from which it oversees its European sales. Primarily concerned with industrial auctions and asset management, Rabin is able to bring its extensive knowledge to bear in finding solutions that are tailored to the exact requirements of its clients.

An established asset management and industrial auction company

Rabin Worldwide has a long list of clients from almost every commercial and industrial sector, and regularly assists them in the realisation of capital through the sale of unused or surplus goods or stock. Rabin is able to take on projects of any size, and can competently handle even the most sophisticated or complex transactions on its client's behalf. Rabin Auction represents some of the world's top brands and past sales have been conducted for recognisable company's including Braniff Airways, Sara Lee, Kraft, Fisher Price, Yardley and Nissan. Some of the company's landmark successes include the 2004 liquidation of all the assets of US retail giant Montgomery Ward after 128 years in business, and a huge auction of assets from Chrysler Automotive in partnership with several auction groups in 2010.

Auctions and sales geared to today's market

Adept at reading trends in technology and marketing, Rabin held its first internet auction in 1998. The company conducts regular sales for large and small companies all over the world, and buyers are able to access a massive range of machinery, equipment and goods. Buyers are required to create an account in order to bid on Rabin Worldwide Auctions, and can do so easily using the form provided on the company's web page. Those wishing to purchase machinery or equipment featured in sales on auction can register to bid in special online sales and events. Rabin auctions take place all over the world, and buyers can expect to find everything from the complete inventory of a South African PET plastic bottle recycling facility to the machinery and equipment from a candy drop plant. Buyers are able to source specialised or hard to find equipment, and a recent auction for H.J. Heinz gmbH featured items such as a bean cleaning machine and a Lieder lid sealing machine. Rabin Worldwide Inc. continues to provide services for clients all over the world, and offers buyers the opportunity to purchase unique equipment easily and without fuss.


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