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About PS Onlineauktioner AB

The Swedish auction house PS Onlineauktioner has its headquarters in Svenljunga and presents itself as a modern company with a broad range of services. Clients from various industries can readily turn to the auction house at numerous branches all over Sweden and expect efficient liquidations that usually take around three weeks.

Sound experience with appraisals and liquidations

For the past 50 years, PS Online Auktioner has dealt with professional liquidations of used machines, plants, business and office equipment as well as vehicles for bankruptcy trustees, escrow agents, banks, leasing companies, public authorities and companies. The foundation of any successful liquidation are appraisals in conformity with the markets. The appraisals are either prepared in advance by the clients or by competent and certified experts of the auction house PS AB. Appraisals are prepared according to different criteria, depending on the kind of liquidation required. The creation of inventories within the framework of an insolvency can be one kind of liquidation and appraisals of machines and plants from various industries, such as forestry, secondary industry, agriculture and many other industries can be another kind of liquidation. Pettersson & Son develops direct contact with the clients at the location of the client and also works with numerous appraisers from the Swedish chamber of commerce. In this regard, it is of particular importance to the auction house to personally ensure excellent service to all clients, which in turn contributes to a long list of respectable references, such as Gallerix or ESAB.

Online since 2006

Apart from traditional auctions, PS Onlineauktioner AB also runs an online platform on since 2006. The purpose is to provide even more efficient liquidations of used machines and plants. Online auctions always take place on Thursdays and can be used by commercial as well as private buyers. Well defined and transparent terms and conditions allow potential users to quickly know their way around and after a registration on the platform they receive access to all current offers. With a special liaison for financing and leasing, PSOnlineauktioner tops off its range of services and provides national and international support in transport and logistics.

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