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About Pfeifer Heavy Machinery BV

Pfeifer Heavy Machinery was founded over 20 years ago in Groenlo, Netherlands and specialises in the purchase, sale, import and export of heavy construction vehicles and equipment. The company is run by owner and manager Gerrit Pfeifer, co-owner and manager Ralph Koehorst, and sales and transportation manager Kevin Stoteler. Together they lead a team of professionals who make use of their combined trade knowledge and experience to provide clients with a comprehensive range of services.

A wide range of machinery at any time

Pfeifer Heavy Machinery is able to locate specific machines or vehicles at the request of customers, and also keeps a constant stock of around 1,000 machines at its Groenlo site. Buyers can expect to find equipment such as lifts and mobile telescopic cranes, dump trucks, cement mixers, lighting columns, graders, trailers, excavators and bulldozers at any given time, and Pfeifer are able to take care of all legal, clerical administrative details on the client's behalf. The company also buy used equipment for resale and sellers can contact the sales team via the Pfeifer Machinery web page in the first instance. Pfeifer also offers finance services through its various financial partners, allowing buyers to purchase large machinery and equipment with ease.

A global network for heavy construction machines

Buyers can expect to find machinery for use in the construction industry that suits their budget, and Pfeifer Heavy Machinery BV is constantly adding to its stock. A multi-lingual sales team can deal with clients from almost any part of the world, and the company has developed its international reach considerably over the last 20 years. Since the year 2000 Pfeiffer Machinery has been more active on the digital network, and as well as a highly detailed and well organised web page the company can be found on several social networking sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter. Prospective buyers are able to make use of its extensive online presence to see the latest machinery and equipment offered for sale, and the company aims to deliver any purchases to clients in any region. Prospective buyers can check the machinery they are interested in at the company's 25,000 sq meter premises and 6,000 sq meter warehouse for electronically powered lifts in the Netherlands. Buyers who can't visit the site can find in depth information on the Pfeifer BV website, and all equipment is catalogued, photographed and certified. A regular newsletter is available, giving subscribers information on the latest machinery for sale and ensuring that buyers won't miss out if they are interested in specific pieces of equipment. Pfeifer Machinery has a creative and experienced team that is able to overcome cultural barriers in order to bring heavy construction machinery to clients in any location, and the company continues to extend its international operations.

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