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About Perlick Industrie Auktionen

Perlick Industrieauktionen GmbH is a German auction house, managed by a lawyer and auctioneer Michael Perlick and certified appraiser for machinery and industrial equipment, Olaf Zepke. With more than 27 years of experience, Perlick, with its closely networked partner system, has a strong presence in local auction market.

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  • Founded: 1986
  • Headquarters: Königstein, Germany
  • AoY Rating: 1 of 5

How Perlick is Working

Perlick Industrie Auktionen is able to offer a comprehensive package of services for its clients, since its partner companies include Phoenix Management that is focusing on corporate restructuring and Real Estate Management GmbH that complements insolvency processing, by focusing on real estate appraisals and management. The company activities are effectively supported by online platform that attracts thousands of unique visitors every month indicating the importance of online presence in company's business activities. 

Michael Perlick Picture
Michael Perlick, Founder & Auctioneer of Perlick Industrieauktionen

Over the years the company has developed so called Perlick & Parner concept in order to optimise the bnergies between the partner companies. The auctioneer can highly benefit from a clear business process that starts with performance and security analysis to identify various risks. Furthermore, the facility assessment provides the basis for all further considerations, which may include funding certain procedures or security measures. After the in depth assessment preferable way to sell the company can be identified that may include auctioning machinery, equipment and other its inventory. Perlick Industrieauktionen engage in disentanglement and re-installation of the industrial equipment, as well as its storage and transportation.usiness processes nationwide and effectively exploit sy


Perlick Industrieauktionen main office
Perlick main office building in Germany


Perlick Industrieauktionen Online

On Perlick's website visitors can find a wide range of industrial auctions, business and real estate for sale and other detailed service description. In order to communicate with existing customers and attract new ones, in addition to the high traffic generating website, the auctioneer uses extensive network of industry and trade partners in more than 15 countries in Europe and other continents, as well as employ direct marketing campaigns. Till the present day Perlick Partner has held more than 1000 auctions.


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