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Onlineveilingmeester is based in Groningen in the Netherlands, and is primarily concerned with the sale of movable assets and property by online auction. The company was founded in 2007, and today is is known for auctions that reach participants all over the world. Onlineveilingmeester organise sales for clients from various sectors and auctions are often the result of relocation, bankruptcy, downsizing or insolvency. The company's clients include banks and financial institutions, lease companies, trustees, government institutions and creative entrepreneurs from both the wholesale and resale sectors.

Onlineveilingmeester specialized in Easy Access to Auctions has increased its online presence over the past few years and its online auctions allow participants to buy or sell a wide range of goods. Buyers are able to post specific lots in online sales, or can contact the company in order to create sales solutions which best cater for their needs. Buyers are able to easily participate in auctions from any location, and can browse categories on the company's web page for details of current sales. Interested parties are able to see lots on the Onlineveilingmeester website prior to auction, and the company also allows buyers to view lots at its Groningen auction rooms.

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Sellers can take advantage of the company's flexibility to place almost any type of goods or assets for sale, while buyers can benefit from quick access to a wide selection of items at any given time. Those wishing to bid must register with the company to open an account, a process which takes just a few minutes on the website and is free of charge. The Onlineveilingmeester web page regularly lists current and upcoming events, and users can search a number of categories including electronics, household goods and electrical appliances, garden furniture and equipment, office equipment, clothing, cars and vehicles, industrial machinery and multimedia equipment. Anyone can sell unused or surplus items with Onlineveilingmeester, and should contact the company by email using the link on the web page in the first instance. All Onlineveilingmeester auctions are open to private individuals as well as to the public, and buyers are assured of a secure and transparent process throughout.

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