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  • HQ: Aartselaar, Belgium
  • CEO: Christophe Moyersoen
  • AoY Rating: 4.3 of 5

The Belgian auction house Moyersoen N.V. is a specialist for the handling of liquidations, warehouse liquidation sales and professional industrial asset liquidation. The enterprise is run by Nancy Eyckmans and owned by Christophe MOYERSOEN who, together with their team of 30 employees address the complete range of services.

Industrial asset liquidator with profound know-how 

Christophe Moyersoen CEO of Moyersoen
Christophe Moyersoen CEO of Moyersoen

With more than 30 years of experience the auction house Moyersoen is able to serve approximately 5,000 visitors and clients from 94 countries on a daily basis. Moyersoen takes care of inventories, cataloging, valuations and the liquidation of a wide variety of different assets. In 1980, Christophe Moyersoen started to work as industrial asset liquidator and based on that experience he started his own enterprise five years later. In the beginning, he focused his efforts on the development of good cooperation with trustees regarding the professional handling of bankruptcies and later he also worked with leasing companies, banks and other financial institutions. He then expanded his range of services to the liquidation of immovable properties from insolvencies. The motivated team at Moyersoen consists of appraisers and experts working on behalf of courts, lawyers, liquidators, auditors and tax accountants. Special focus is given to transactions based on the profitable offload of surplus goods, such as machinery or material, from the reorganization of companies.

Moyersoen Diverse services  

adj-largeThe inventory and creation of catalogs are serving the best possible advertisement of the respective Moyersoen auctions and are considered part of the work at Moyersoen just as much as the professional transaction of the auction, the transparent billing and the final settlement of costs with the different clients. If it is impossible to publicly auction off all available movables, Moyersoen can resort to a comprehensive customer database in order to quickly realize an attractive result. For that particular purpose, Moyersoen regularly uses its storage capacities for clearance sales as quick and efficient results can be realized more easily for the different clients. Collaboration with trustees takes on an important role because of the comprehensive experience in the transaction of bankruptcies. As appraisers appointed by the court, the Moyersoen auction house appraises movable assets with regard to their continuation, acquisition or liquidation. In detailed consultation with its clients, Moyersoen develops the best liquidation strategies and consequently implements them so the creditors receive the maximum proceeds. The auction house also includes stocks, parts of enterprises, machines and business equipment into the professional liquidation service and regularly achieves excellent results. Another professional business segment at the Moyersoen auction house is the successful auction of vehicles.

Moyersoen Auction Portfolio

Moyersoen is involved in the liquidation of machines and industrial plants as well as business equipment and stocks of companies from all sectors. Furthermore, Moyersoen online auctions include different vehicles as well as immovable property from insolvencies.

Article writen by ''De Tjid''

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