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  • Founded:  1902
  • Headquarters: Vancouver, Canada
  • Offices in Canada, US, Germany, Japan & China
  • Divisions: Industrial, Retail, Fine Art & Antiques,
    Appraisal Services
  • AoY Rating: 3 of 5

About Maynards Auction

Maynards is known for offering premier asset auctioning and valuation services for over a 100 years now. Established in 1902, the firm opened its first office in Vancouver, Canada. Today, it specialises in commercial and industrial equipment sales all around the world. Ever since it was founded, Maynards showed exceptional expertise in asset sales in most sectors. The small Canadian firm soon gained global repute, and they set up offices in Europe, the United States, China and Japan. With eight permanent offices around the world, Maynards Industries Ltd handles projects worth up to half a billion dollars.

History meets innovation

Maynards Auction Vancouver office
Maynards Vancouver, head office building in Canada

Having been in the auctioneering and asset liquidation industry for over a century, Maynards Auctions has developed several tried and tested ways of ensuring that their clients get the best possible results, every time. Firstly, Maynards Industries makes optimum use of its wide network of contacts. These contacts comprise of industry specialists who bring expertise from a variety of industrial sectors. They offer project-specific insights that give the company an extra edge on each event. Secondly, Maynards Auctioneer has a team of highly experienced project managers who develop workable sales strategies for every event. Whether it is a public auction or a private treaty, these managers design a game plan that ensures that the event draws the right buyers and fetches the best possible value. And finally, the firm prides itself on taking care of every aspect of the sale, right from marketing and planning to consignment management and transportation. These factors, combined with the first-hand knowledge that only comes from being in the industry for so long, help Maynards Auction achieve the results that have brought them international renown.

The Maynards expertise

Though Maynards auction house is well able to take on projects from almost every industrial sector, Maynards specialises in automotive asset auctions. Since 2005, they have fetched more than $250 million in used auto equipment sales - including auto parts - for their clients. Their list of clients in this sector is impressive too. They look after projects for companies like Toyota, Ford and Nissan Bosch. Moreover, Maynards Canada has been named the only asset recovery specialist for the automotive giants, General Motors and Chrysler North America. Apart from this, other areas of expertise include sales in biopharma, sawmill, woodworking, printing and milling equipment. This experience, expertise and the involvement in optimising the results for each project make Maynards Industries one of the most reputed auction and appraisal company in the world today.

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