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JPS Chartered Surveyors is a long-established firm of appraisers and auctioneers operating primarily on behalf of insolvency practitioners and lending institutions. JPS Surveyors is based in Manchester in the north of England, and most of its auctions are online.

A distinguished heritage

JPS Chartered Surveyors has a long history in its home city. In the 1940s, crowds would gather to see the company's original auctioneer Mike Isaacs in action because of his flamboyant style. JPS Surveyors is run today by Michael Gabel and Mark Isaacs through their company Worth Group Ltd. They are both related to the founders of JPS Surveyors, and both have been involved with the family business from an early age.

Technology the key to success

JPS Chartered Surveyors frequently holds industrial auctions such as machine tools, motor vehicles, real estate and the contents of retail businesses that have been forced to close. JPS Chartered Surveyors has a large Manchester warehouse where goods can be stored and viewed prior to auction. Online bidders can bid through the JPS Surveyors's website, where all current sales are listed. Expert valuations are offered, whether in cases of liquidation or of lending against assets for healthy businesses.

Here is a list of top auction houses & machinery traders in the UK.

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