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Industrial Discount is a trading name of IT Auction s.r.l., an Italian online-only auction house. Industrial Discount is based in the city of Faenza, south of Bologna.

Industrial Discount - Worldwide Reach

Renato Ciccarelli is the chief executive officer of Industrial Discount. In addition to agents based throughout Italy, Industrial Discount also has two agents based in Spain. Most of its auctions are of the assets of bankrupt companies. Industrial Discount lots for auction come from the chemical, metalworking, construction, transport, printing, textile and woodworking industries. General auctions are also held, selling everything from sunglasses to motor vehicles. All Industrial Discount auctions are conducted through IndustrialDiscount's website and bidders have to register before participating.

A commitment to fast solutions

Industrial Discount promises sellers a fast, transparent process to realise maximum profits in the shortest possible time. All auctions are time-limited. Special services, through the dedicated legal experts at Discount Industrial, are offered to legal teams operating as receivers who need to realise the cash value of assets as quickly as possible. Industrial Discounts conducts most of its sales in Italy and Spain and can arrange delivery throughout the world.

Industrial Discount

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