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Industrial Auctions B.V. is a Dutch auctioneer which specialises in the disposal of heavy machinery. The company is based in the town of Oirschot in the south of the Netherlands. All of the auctions it conducts are online.

Expertise in many areas

Industrial Auctions has held auctions for a wide variety of businesses, usually in cases of liquidation or bankruptcy. One specialist area is the food industry, with many auctions taking place of the entire contents of meat processing plants. Auctions are always time-limited, using IndustrialAuctions' website which is available in Dutch, English and German. Potential bidders must register in advance.

Logistics easily arranged

On-site viewing of auction lots is easily arranged and Industrial Auctions Online is able to arrange transport of goods for successful bidders to any destination worldwide. Many of its auctions are in the Netherlands, while some take place in Germany. The company is able to operate in any country due to its online capacity. In addition to liquidation and bankruptcy sales, auctions are also held on behalf of healthy companies wishing to realise capital from under-used or redundant assets of any kind.

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