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About Hämmerle Auctions

The team around Peter Hämmerle has been able to build experience, know-how and dedication for approximately 25 years in the business. It is the determined goal of the auction house to provide small, middle and large companies as well as individual clients from various industries with the best appraisal and liquidation results. The headquarters of Hämmerle Ltd. & Co. are located in Erding, but numerous branches all over Germany ensure the high-quality service for clients everywhere in Germany as well as in other countries.

Expert service for all clients

With approximately 25 employees and a strong additional field service it is possible for Haemmerle Ltd. & Co. to deal with the professional acquisition and valuation of mobile assets on behalf of renowned liquidators, management consultants, credit institutions and leasing companies. Numerous services related to industrial liquidations and a well-wrought security management have built Hämmerle's reputation in the national and international industry. The sworn auctioneer Peter Hämmerle works with a large network of international partners and the company clearly distinguishes between liquidation and valuation, so that there is no room for a potential collision of interests. The Hämmerle Group therefore includes a team of valuation experts (Hämmerle Expert) that provides clarifications and insights into the real potential of capital assets especially for financing institutions and corporations. The group also covers others service areas with teams such as the Hämmerle Accounts Receivables Management Ltd. or the Hämmerle Academy.

Professional liquidations for maximum return

On the basis of market-conform valuations that consider the liquidation value, the expected rate of return and the precise legal situation it is possible for the auction house to liquidate entire manufacturing facilities as well as machines and plants on an international scale in auctions and tenders. The individual liquidation strategy is always adjusted to the particular prerequisites, so that pool-type solutions can also be considered. As Hämmerle successfully deals with the liquidation and sale of properties, entire companies and parts of companies, reliable continuation strategies are developed while considering all synergies at play. In this regard Haemmerlecan also rely on a great network of international investors and partners. Professional takeovers or mergers are handled and accompanied in close cooperation with the clients.

Linked up – nationally and internationally

In the past 25 years Hämmerle appraised more than 6,000 companies, handled 2,100 liquidations of various kinds as well as approximately 1,600 security valuations for various credit institutions, notwithstanding the many individual appraisals for all industries, crafts and trade. The reference list is long and includes numerous renowned companies, such as Grundig AG, Junghans Watches or Lehmann Patentwerke. Internationally, Haemmerle was also able to make a name as a reliable partner for banks, leasing companies and liquidators in France, Italy, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Spain, Poland, Greece, Romania, Hungary, India, the United States and many more. Its network consists of approximately 500 clients as well as more than 100,000 potential customers.

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