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Fordaq is a unique network of companies in the timber sector, and its members come from all over the world. Fordaq SA has offices in Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Croatia, Poland, Romania and China, and represents over 110,000 professionals including sawmills, log producers, panel producers, veneer mills, importers and large industrial producers. An online platform allows users to find suppliers or customers, and many of Europe's biggest wood companies are Fordaq members.

Advantages for everyone in the wood and timber industry

Whether buying or selling, Fordaq members can benefit from a wide range of features on the website. An online directory lists all members, making it easy for others to find exactly what they are looking for. The Fordaq marketplace allows users to see goods for sale, or to send offers and enquiries to sellers. The marketplace can also be used to make new contacts among sellers and suppliers, or to check offers on current listed items. It also has a handy news feature that shows the latest industry developments and includes specialised information such as timber stock prices or market movements. Auctions take place regularly and lots might include various types of hardwood, softwood or plywood as well as a vast range of woodworking machinery and equipment. Prospective buyers must be members of Fordaq to bid, a process that can be completed in a few minutes using the form provided on the website.

A range of features for members

Wood and timber professionals can join Fordaq for a trial period as a Discovery member. Full memberships are available by yearly subscription, and the cost varies depending on whether users select a Bronze, Silver or Gold membership package. The network is active in 178 countries and lists up to 3,500,000+ m3 of wood for sale or required at any given time. The site is translated into 13 languages at the touch of a button, and has over 1,800,000 visitors every month. Subscribers can use Fordaq to increase their own online presence by building their website, customising data and advertising their goods or services. A Postman feature gives daily summaries of offers or enquiries from the previous 24 hour period by email, while market information provides details of log auctions all over Europe, industry news, events and trade shows. Membership is open to anyone in the wood industry, and Fordaq continues to grow at a rate of approximately 10% per month.


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