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Based at Henstridge Airfield in Somerset in the south of England, Fly With Me Aviation organise auctions of well maintained secondhand aircraft and classic planes. The company's extensive knowledge of the aviation industry allows it to offer a range of services for sellers and to create sales that are easily accessible to industrial auctions buyers.

A new approach to aircraft auctions

Fly With Me Aviation's website advertises upcoming auctions and keeps both sellers and buyers informed of developments. The company presents a new way of selling and buying aircraft that is a move away from prolonged traditional sales and the complete selling process normally takes approximately 10 days. Unlike classic sales, aviation auctions increase interest and bids need to be made then and there, allowing sellers to close deals quickly and easily. Registration is simple for both buyers and sellers, who can complete the process quickly on Fly With Me Aviation Ltd's clear and well laid out website. Members are then able to buy or sell aircraft at well organised auctions, and buyers who are unable to be present on the day can choose to bid by telephone, subject to making the appropriate arrangements in advance.

Here is an overview of the top English auction houses and traders.

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